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Spyro the Dragon Joins ‘Crash Team Racing’s Latest Grand Prix

Published on August 28th, 2019 | Updated on August 28th, 2019 | By FanFest

It’s a big week for Spyro the Dragon as next Tuesday he finally makes it to Switch and PC; but before then, he’s crashing something else… Crash!  That’s right! Crash Team Racing is about to kick off its next Grand Prix and this season’s feature Prix is called “Spyro & Friends”. As usual, check out the reveal trailer below and then meet me afterwards for some dissection about what’s actually coming this season.

Considering how long Spyro and Crash have been buddy franchises, it’s fitting that Spyro’s Grand Prix would bring about the most stylish and rewarding changes. For starters, this Grand Prix comes with a brand new track aptly called the ‘Spyro Circuit’ and features a bunch of settings and aesthetics from the original game. The Artisan’s home-world, Dark Hollow, High Caves and Wizard’s Peak are all featured, offering a wonderful snapshot of the original game!

Additionally, there are multiple smaller additions to each track that might not stand out at first; but make for ALL the difference. From Sparks serving the role of the mask power-up to the crates looking like treasure chests, there’s stylistic changes everywhere! Though the best example of these are the Wumpa Fruits being turned into ‘gems’. And similarly to the original where gems of different colors had different values, the same seems to be true here – meaning you’ll reach your 10-stack much faster!

Characters, Music & More Rewards:

In addition to Spyro, players can also race as G’Nasty G’Norc and Hunter from the series. The best part of all of this is that each character has original dialogue. Nothing ripped from the Reignited Trilogy, but rather all new recorded lines for flare! Additionally, there will of course be themed-skins for our new and returning racers. The one I’m most excited about is Dark Spyro – and what this could mean for the series. Though that’s an article for another time. I’m purely going to stick to facts for this article.

Finally, it’s not a Spyro game without the music! As such, it’s not a Spyro-themed Prix without some great music! And this track’s soundtrack makes you feel like you’re truly racing through the Dragon Realms. For more details on what is unlockable this season, I’ll leave the Grand Prix roadmap below; but remember there’s more skins/ rewards than seen here! So get out there racers and kick some booty!

Spyro Grand Prix Reward Map
Credit: Activision

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