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Spyro: Reignited Trilogy Tips & Tricks – Skill Points

Published on December 5th, 2018 | Updated on December 5th, 2018 | By FanFest

The original Spyro trilogy is back with stunning new visuals, remixed musical magic and of course a few challenges along the way. Of course there’s always the Trophy Achievements for bragging rights, but Toys For Bob spiced it up a bit by bringing back Skill Points that upon completion unlock concept art for the game’s various worlds and enemies. This is something I haven’t seen in heavy rotation since the PS2 days – and hopefully this marks the comeback – but how do you complete these challenges?

Whereas most of these are self-explanatory, some are a bit more cryptic and require some finely honed skills. So here are some Tips & Tricks to keep in mind while trying to unlock every ‘skill point’ in Spyro: Reignited Trilogy.

Patience –Perfect Runs:

I once heard someone compare the difficulty of bosses in the new Spyro game to Dark Souls… seriously. Though whereas this is FAR from an accurate depiction of difficulty, the premise of Dark Souls boss battles can be applied here for completing the Perfect challenges – learn their moves. For example, Dr Shemp has a set attack depending on which platform he’s on. Crush & Gulp’s basic attacks simply require you to run and their specials are all telegraphed. Learn the timing, see what works / what doesn’t and you’ll perfect them in no time! This advice also helps with challenges like taking no electrical damage in Terrace Village.

Credits: Activision/ Toys For Bob

Know Your Game/ Path – Time-Based Challenges & Mechanics:

Thankfully there’s no time based flight challenges for the first game, but this might actually be on purpose due to controls. You see, flight differs a bit game to game – especially the 1st to later games. So when you do any challenge focusing on flight/ mechanics, don’t go into it with last game’s mechanics. For example, on Playstation the Triangle button cuts your flight short in Game 1; but in later games it gives you a big boost in height before descending. So if you played Ripto’s Rage all day and want to tackle some of the challenges from the first game, don’t be surprised when your timing is way off. This is especially important with challenges like 3 Laps of Supercharges in Fracture Hill as there’s no real place to train for this in the other games. Just keep practicing in the environment you’re already in.

Now once you have learned the moves, you’ll need to know the proper order in which to tackle the timed challenges. Below is the list per challenge.

  • Ocean Speedway – Rings, Blue Arches, Boats and then Cars.
  • Icy Speedway – Snowmobiles then multitask Skaters, Serpents and Arches
  • Metro Speedway – Multitask Pigeons and Bungee Jumpers followed by multitasking Metal Arches and Slow Sign Walruses.
  • Canyon Speedway – Ram, Rings, Bikers and then Vultures.

Another difficult mechanics based skill point is in Charmed Ridge ‘The Impossible Tower’.  As you go through you’ll spy a dragon egg on a raised platform next to a Cat Wizard. This egg contains the dragon Moe. Once there, you’ll need to jump up the set of wood beams/ railing on the side. This will give you enough height to JUST make gliding to that solo tower a little ways away from the main path. In order to make this jump you’ll need to have mastered perfect timing for running rum, flying at TOP of your jump and the hover boost.

On Your Journey To 100% – Discover/ Kill/ etc

As you go through the game naturally collecting all the Gems, Dragons, Eggs you’ll complete most of these challenges without realizing it. Such example of these are “Reach tricky platform” in Artisan. Others however are a bit more challenging and require some hunting. What follows are the trickiest to find:

  • Stone Hill: Burn The Hidden Pink Tulip – once you take the lift to the upper hill portion of Stone Hill (the egg thief area) run right until you come across the egg thief. The tulip will be towards the right of him in the shade between two mini tower roofs.
  • High Caves: Burn hidden painting – you know those two wizards operating tilty platforms? Cross and then upon entering the room after them, immediately turn right. You’ll see the small painting.
  • Dream Weavers: Secret Room – as you approach the portal for Icy Flight (on the floating green island), hug the wall to the right following the ledge. You’ll see one of those fools there. He isn’t important but the randomly placed ledge behind him is. Jump onto it and simply walk into the wall. It’s fake and you’ll find yourself in the secret room. Step on the odd weird green and black circle and boom!
  • Haunted Towers: Burn blue wizard hat – take the whirlwind up to that set of stairs on the outside of the main tower. Now remember that stand alone complex where you received that fairy’s kiss to get your super flame ability? Glide towards there. You’ll see a small flat roof portion of the building with the hat on it. You most likely wont make the landing but flame at the end of your flight and you should hit it.
  • Lofty Castle: Destroy hidden stump – this one is kind of a doozy to find, so I’ll just share the reference video below.

  • Idol Springs: Land on idol – as you progress through the level naturally, you’ll find an upper portion of grassy platforms towards levels end. As you make your way through them, look towards the hula girls. See that slanted (slightly idol-looking) thing in the arena? Land on that!
  • Multiple: Destroy all Seaweed – These challenges are referring to only the bright crimson seaweed and they’ll only be destroyable by special means. In other words, you’ll need either super flame ability or the manta-ray missiles.
  • Molten Crater: Supercharge the wall – the age ole video game rule applies here. When you come across a semi shattered glowing wall…. It’s breakable. Break it! Normal charge will do.
  • Fireworks Factory: Find Agent 9’s power-up – (Agent 9 Mini-game) As you begin, walk through the first door, then the second, then turn around and go through the second door again looking upward. You’ll see a red box. Shoot it and the power up will drop.
  • Icy Peak: Glide to pedestal – as you make your way through the charge puzzle, you’ll see a little nook/ cave off to your left. Walk in there and you’ll take a whirlwind up. Once you land, head to the tiny platform in the middle on the first track.
  • Seashell Shore: Catch the funky chicken – in the giant room right before the ‘Return Home Portal’ you’ll see two scuba chickens swimming around. One’s helmet will occasionally change colors. Take that funky bugger down!
  • Haunted Tomb: Swim into the dark hole – as you start the level, make your way into the next room. You’ll see a small stream ending in a waterfall. Swim against the current into the darkened hall the water is flowing out of.
  • Dino Mines: Hit the secret dino – (Agent 9 Mini-game) toward the end of the shooter, you’ll spy a random red dinosaur walking. That’s it!
Credit: Activision/ Toys For Bob

Dedicated Attempts – Do ‘This’ to ‘That’ Thing:

While many skill points you’re complete naturally, some require you to at least know what to look for because they can be missed and/or timed out on one play through.

  • Town Square: All Bulls Stuck – the bulls in Town Square have different reactions based on whether you flame or charge them. Upon charging them, they will actually flip over and get stuck in the ground. Do this to all 8 bulls but DO NOT kill them. They need to all be stuck at the same time. They won’t unstuck themselves so it’s basically a matter of charge everything you see in this level.
  • Skelos Badlands: Catbat Quartet – past the end of the level, you’ll find a small circular area with 4 CatBats. Simply use the fire rock to take them out.
  • Gulp’s Overlook: Hit Ripto – use one of the rockets to hit Ripto while he’s watching
  • Molten Crater: Assemble Tiki Heads – (Sgt. Byrd Mini-game), gather the tiki heads on the biggest platform instead of on their respective bodies. When the heads start bouncing around together, you’ll know it worked.
  • Frozen Altars: Beat yeti in two rounds – blocking is for wimps (and those who don’t want this skill point) Just go all out offense and kick that yeti’s but super-fast!

Hopefully these tips and tricks helped solve any problems you had with skills points, but if there’s one that’s still troubling you sound off in the comments below and I’ll try to add it! Special thanks to TomsGuide for helping my initial play through with some these Skill Points. And of course, thank you as always to Toys for Bob/ Activision for bringing back this classic gem!


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