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Spider-Man Is Going To Be VENOM!?

Published on January 23rd, 2021 | Updated on January 23rd, 2021 | By FanFest

Pretty much every Spidey fan knows how the story goes. Peter Parker brought back an alien symbiote that bonded to him and tried to take over. He rejected it and it bonded with Eddie Brock, turning the pair into Venom. Venom is now one of Spider-Man’s deadliest and coolest foes. It is one of the most iconic moments in all of Spidey’s history! Marvel is CURRENTLY doing an entire event that revolves around Venom and the symbiote. But what if that weren’t how it happened? What if Spider-Man had kept the Symbiote and become Venom himself. That’s what Spider-Man: Spider’s Shadow plans to explore when it releases this April.

“But seriously, I feel that with SPIDER’S SHADOW we’re exploring some dark situations with Spidey and the Marvel Universe, while making it cool and fun to read. I think longtime fans will love it and new readers will be amazed at what Marvel lets us do. Pasqual and Matt are producing amazing work on this book. When every page comes in, I share them with all of my friends even though Marvel says I’m not allowed to do that.” is what Chip Zdarsky had to say about the series. Zdarsky will be writing the series.

A long time ago Marvel published these What If…? comics which explored situations just like this. It was usually one issue and was a fair bit of fun. If you can track some of those stories down certain ones are actually hilarious. This new series isn’t published under the official What If…? banner and it will be more than one issue. Instead of just one issue, this series will spend five exploring this concept, meaning they have a chance to truly flesh it out! This should be a great read when it arrives in April, so make sure you add it to your pull list!

How do you feel? Are you excited that Spider-Man is going to be Venom? Let us know in the comments below!

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