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Why ‘Spider-man: Far From Home’ Trailer could confirm that ‘Endgame’ will be resetting the MCU

Published on January 30th, 2019 | Updated on January 30th, 2019 | By FanFest

Far From Home is the first movie that directly follows Endgame and is the first movie from Marvel’s Phase 4. It is also the first movie that according to the words of Kevin Feige, will start a new chapter for the MCU, as Endgame nicely wraps up the finale of the last ten year’s movies. According to this, the storylines from every movie up to now in the MCU will have been completely wrapped up in a nice little bow, as loose ends, plot holes, and missing answers are neatly tied up in this last installment.

Which would mean that any trailer following Endgame, shows us what life will be like in this brand new chapter? Far From Home is the first installment in the MCU’s next ten years, if you like. It can’t be a coincidence that Marvel chose Spider-man of all the films to be this new installment. Brand New Day in the comics was a total reset following the huge events of Civil War. Is it possible that this second Spider-man movie actually serves the same function? A brand new day for the MCU?

There are suggestions in the trailer that timelines might have been reset or a blank slate for the MCU created within Endgame. I will outline a few of these here.

Firstly, Nick Fury has never met Spider-Man and yet Spider-man knows who he is. Now either somehow we get through Endgame without Fury and Spider-man crossing paths but this seems unlikely. The fact that Spider-man recognizes Fury but Fury hasn’t met him also implies that if there is a reset, Spider-man could be a part of that reset and retain the memories of the original timeline, much like in Brand New Day where everybody else in the world forgets but Spider-man remembers. It would be a clever way to allow Peter Parker to quickly grow up, suddenly carrying the entire world’s secrets on his own shoulders.

Secondly, and clearly, the most obvious one is that half of the population is no longer space dust. Something has to restore that, yet the tone and story of Spider-Man: Far From Home picks up as if Thanos’ Snap, Infinity War and Endgame never actually happened. The second installment of Spider-man seems to almost directly pick up where Homecoming left off. His personal relationships are the same, his daily life is the same and nobody seems phased by the fact that half of the world’s people, and indeed half of their friends and family ceased to exist. This heavily implies that some form of reset has occurred to make the public oblivious to what has happened or to continue as if it didn’t happen, a brand new slate if you will. 

Thirdly, this storyline is clearly taking elements of Dan Slott’s Worldwide as Parker travels the globe. Who took over writing duties directly after Brand New Day? That’s right, Dan Slott. Traveling around Europe seems pretty easy after being up in space and saving the entire universe, but it also opens up new challenges for live-action on the screen that we haven’t seen in a Spider-Man cinematic movie before. Are we effectively seeing elements from Dan Slott’s run translated into the big screen?

Homecoming dealt with the aftermath of  Civil War but Far from Home doesn’t appear to be dealing with the aftermath of Endgame. (At least not according to the trailers). This implies some sort of reset is at play, as surely otherwise Spidey would have to deal with the aftermath? Or at least be carrying around even more issues and responsibility.

Unfortunately, we will have to wait and see. The movie is slated to be released on 5th July 2019.


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