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Spider-Man #2 Review

Published on March 4th, 2016 | Updated on March 4th, 2016 | By FanFest

Be careful as there are full

When last
we saw Miles
Morales he was
wielding Captain America’s shield as the Avengers lay in a heap
around him.
Peter Parker Spider-Man appears
right as things calm down wanting to
know what Miles has done. Welcome to
the main Marvel universe Miles


Issue number two
picks up right where we left off with
Peter wanting to know what the deal
Miles recaps his battle with the demon Blackheart, and much to his joy
believes him. What makes
the Miles character so fantastic is his respect and
desire to follow in the
footsteps of Peter Parker. Miles
is a complete fanboy
and early in the issue we have a flashback (cute art
sequence included) to
ago where Peter gave Miles his blessing to be the one Spider-Man. I love
chemistry between these two
Spider-Men. The dialogue between the two has a
rhythm that usually provides
laugh out loud moments and feels.
It’s a buddy
comic just begging to happen.

Early on it
seems like
Peter is changing his mind on giving Miles his blessing, and may
that the responsibility is too great
for the teenager. While Blackheart
getting the drop on Peter is a little
forced (doesn’t he have spider
too?!) the outcome was just fine with me. Miles was given the
opportunity to
shine and take out
the big bad demon on his own thus impressing the Avengers
(who awake
conveniently after the battle)
and most importantly, Peter.
With Miles getting Peter’s approval,
again, he swings off into the

sunset leaving Iron Man to page Dr. Strange to banish the demon back to
He’d do it himself but…
he can’t do that kind of stuff.

With all
the turnover in the Marvel
from Secret Wars, I was glad to see that Ganke made it
over to this
brave new world.
His relationship with Miles is one of my favorite parts about
these books,
and while Bendis can be accused of
being a bit “talkie”, I could
read an entire issue that was just a
conversation between Miles and Ganke.
Miles recaps how gross it was to touch a demon, Ganke discovers that
this latest
battle is blowing
up YouTube.

We all know that Miles has existed for awhile in the
universe, but he has not
existed in this universe for a long period of
time. The revelation
that Miles is black is enough to
send one internet fan girl
into a major swoonfest. I had no real problem
with this scene. I liked how Miles

down played the discovery as he just wants to be Spider-Man not “the black

Spider-Man”, and feels like it
shouldn’t matter. I think Bendis used this
opportunity to talk about the
massive changes to Marvels big
characters (did you
guys know Thor is a lady now?) and say why is this even
a big deal. They’re
so what does their gender or in this case race have to do with anything.

I’m pleased to see Miles will be
the face to this movement as in some ways he
was the character who helped
kick open the door. With that being
said I’m sure
the internet popularity of this discovery will be a struggle
Miles will have to

Two issues in and I’m happy with

how Miles is transitioning to the
main Marvel stage. New York is his to swing
through and his first Peter
Parker villain seems to be on the
horizon (I see you
doing push ups Black Cat). Spider-Man continues
to be consistently good
one of my favorite books on my pull list. I suggest you get on this book

now… I’ll wait.

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