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‘SPEECHLESS’: Top 5 moments from ‘THE S-T-A–STAIRCASE’

Published on April 6th, 2019 | Updated on April 6th, 2019 | By FanFest

JJ faces a new milestone in his relationship with Izzy.

It’s time for JJ to meet girlfriend Izzy’s parents. Izzy is a little nervous about JJ making the right impression until her parents react differently than she expected. Jimmy extends his parenting skills to Kenneth when they visit Kenneth’s college stomping grounds. All the while, Maya is feeling thwarted by JJ’s absence from a Cerebral Palsy Foundation event.

This week’s episode titled ‘THE S-T-A–STAIRCASE’ presents challenges, hijinx, and parental appreciation. Let’s take a look at the Top 5 moments from the episode.

Who really thinks you can talk sense into Maya?

Maya’s offspring laugh at the prospect of talking sense into their mother as requested by Melanie. Melanie is trying to persuade Maya to attend the Cerebral Palsy Foundation event that is utilizing their Fashion 4 All clothing line.

Maya complains of people “clotting each other’s brumpets” at these kind of events. Ray calls her out on her faux British-isms. When Maya learns that Melanie’s son Logan attends with her each year, she decides she must have JJ there as well. Too late. JJ is heading out to meet Izzy’s parents.

This leaves Dylan and Ray as Maya’s trophies for the event. Each one is offered 35 power ranking points, which is just so DiMeo. Can we make that a thing? #JustSoDiMeo

“Ain’t no mountain high enough”

Izzy’s dad has a reputation for being intimidating when it comes to young men around his daughter. So, when he suggests leaving to give Izzy and JJ some privacy, the young pair is offended.  Instead of being gruff, Mr. Diaz tousles JJ’s hair and says he has a “snazzy scooter”.

How dare Izzy’s parents assume that JJ is harmless because he uses a wheelchair? They plan to make a statement by being in bed together when the Diazes arrive home. Their plans are almost foiled by the huge staircase leading to Izzy’s room.

After a really sweet sequence of Izzy trying to help JJ ascend the stairs, they decide they need to call in reinforcements. Enter, Joyce, JJ’s physical therapist. Amidst so many funny lines, Joyce does manage to help JJ reach the top of the stairs, only to be met with one more obstacle, the ladder to Izzy’s loft bed. A very muscular neighbor assists in carrying JJ to the bed. Now they wait for Izzy’s parents to return home.

“My favorite son . . . ‘s aide”

Meanwhile, Jimmy and Kenneth visit Long Beach Technical College to make a video that might entice JJ to attend college there. It is more affordable and closer than NYU, not to mention that Kenneth also attended there, at least for a little while.

Jimmy encourages Kenneth to return to LBTC to complete his degree. He is so pleased to have someone listening to his parental advice. What follows is a fantastic sequence of father/son type moments that bring such joy to Jimmy. My favorite is seeing Jimbo don an LBTC fishing hat in the bookstore – hilarious!

Yelling, whispering, yelling

This moment was nominated by Ann who pointed out the charm and humor of Izzy’s dad carrying JJ down the staircase while simultaneously admonishing and comforting him.

Izzy hears her parents return home and begins to regret the trick they are trying to play on them. When Izzy tries to turn JJ over off the bed, his accessible pants from Maya’s Fashion 4 All line fall off like butter! Mr. Diaz walks into the room to find JJ on Izzy’s bed without pants! He unleashes his wrath and demands that JJ get down right away, or at least as fast as he is able.

It turns out that Mr. Diaz imposes the same rules for JJ as he would for any other guy Izzy might date. He sees past the wheelchair as far as JJ’s masculinity but also reserves compassion for the extra obstacles he must endure. Then we get the hilarious scene of Mr. Diaz carrying JJ down the stairs oscillating between yelling, whispering, yelling, and more whispering. Thanks, Taylor, for nominating this moment!

“Oi, oi, oi! Why are your pants on backwards?!”

Maya becomes jealous at the CPF event when Logan sings a song honoring his mother. After all, JJ is not even there with her. After Ray’s failed attempt at sitting in for JJ, Melanie reminds Maya that she should be happy that JJ is busy with other things.

Maya realizes the error of her ways and returns home to tell JJ she is happy that he is busy with his own life. JJ reminds Maya her how much he appreciates her and tells her that her accessible clothes really helped with meeting Izzy’s parents. Maya is touched, but then notices that JJ’s pants are on backwards sparking panic over how that happened!

Thanks, Ann, for another great top moment nomination!

It was great collaborating with fellow fans to come up with the Top 5 this week! Let’s continue working together by promoting the #RenewSpeechless campaign on social media. Consider taking a moment to tell ABC how much you want a fourth season of Speechless.

We can thank Zach Anner and Greg Gallant for the brilliant writing this week and Danny Chun for directing a really fun episode. Also, be sure to tune in for the Speechless Podcast with Zach Anner and his special guests.


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