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‘SPEECHLESS’: Top 5 hashtag worthy moments of ‘I-N–INTO THE W-O–WOODS’

Published on October 19th, 2018 | Updated on January 13th, 2019 | By FanFest

It’s Halloween this week on Speechless. The DiMeos are scattered in different places, which makes for even more hashtag worthy moments.

Maya struggles to give J.J. more space to be independent. Jimmy tries to “fix up” the house in an unconventional way. Dylan and Ray pair up for a heist at the school dance.

Actor Zach Anner, who is also a writer on Speechless, makes a guest appearance this week reprising the role of Lee. Fans will remember Lee as an adult with cerebral palsy that gives J.J. some advice about his future (and tases Maya!) in season one. J.J. calls upon Lee for advice on gaining more independence from his very protective mother. Lee invites J.J. to a Halloween rave in the woods.


When J.J. demands more space to handle things on his own, Maya feigns agreement. Meanwhile, she tells Jimmy, “I put a tracker in his seat cushion.” That’s certainly not one you hear every day. Then again, people put trackers on cars, so maybe it’s not so unusual after all to put a tracker on J.J.’s “wheels”.

Maya’s tracking plan is foiled when she “tracks” J.J. to the school dance. Upon arrival she finds his pal Aaron using J.J.’s chair for his own “J.J.” costume. Maya learns that J.J. has gone to the rave with Lee and heads out to check on him.


In an effort to make the house appealing Jimmy sets out to decorate it with the best Halloween decor in the neighborhood. Kenneth joins forces with Jimmy but insists they make it super scary. Kenneth has a beef with elderly neighbor Mr. Jenkins who always tells him to move his car. Kenneth wants to give Mr. Jenkins a real scare.

The haunted house is complete, and Mr. Jenkins arrives with flowers for Kenneth thanking him for the invitation. Kenneth learns a couple of new things about Mr. Jenkins. First, Jenkins was actually helping Kenneth by telling him to move his car. Otherwise, Kenneth would have been ticketed on those days. Secondly, Mr. Jenkins mentions his pacemaker.

Kenneth panics as he learns that Mr. Jenkins is really a nice fellow with a bad heart. He must act quickly to dial down the jump scares of the haunted house. He rushes off to make changes saying, “Less scary. Can’t kill Jenkins.”

In a clever twist, the fuse box short circuits and the lights go out. Kenneth finds himself trapped and scared inside the horrors of his own creation. Jimmy is amused.


Maya makes her way to the rave and borrows an Iron Man costume to spy on J.J. Lo and behold, she encounters another Iron Man who she suspects is another special needs mom. It is Lee’s mother who is there to hover over her own son.

The two costumed moms encounter Lee and J.J. Of course, they cannot speak because the guys will recognize their voices. With the women not talking, and J.J. being non-verbal, Lee makes a joke saying, “more word for me, I guess”. It’s a clever nod to the premise of the show’s name.

After costumed Maya hears Lee talk about J.J. enjoying some independence, she decides to back off and give him space at the party.


Dylan and Ray are on a mission to recover the confiscated candy for the school Halloween party. Dylan has her doubts about Ray’s espionage skills. He proves her wrong on several occasions using his good reputation and cheesy charm to make their way into Mr. Powers’ office.

They almost escape getting caught when Mr. Powers traps them at the maze. Powers threatens a countdown from ten, which would yield suspension. To Dylan’s amazement, Ray surrenders quickly only making it to nine. She asks, “Who gives up on nine?”

Don’t be too hard on Ray, Dylan. It turns out that Ray switched bags with one of his secretary pals inside the maze and they still have the candy after all.


Lee and J.J. fall over in their chairs in a ditch in the woods. Just when Maya believes that she is right after all,  that J.J. really does need her close supervision, she sees Aaron arrive to help. J.J. called Aaron to get them out of the ditch. Maya tells herself, “He figured it out’. It is an important moment for both she and J.J.

When Lee suggests something even more adventurous that requires crossing the river, J.J. decides he has had enough fun for the night. Aaron asks how he will get home and J.J. shares that he has someone he can call. Maya is thrilled when J.J. calls her for a ride. She realizes that J.J. can handle situations himself sometimes, but that when he needs her, he will ask for help. The two share a sweet talk in the van.

Things get even sweeter back at home when the DiMeos indeed become the most popular house in the neighborhood as they pass out the rescued “king-size” candy bars from the dance!

Oh, did I mention that Jimmy and Kenneth fixed the faulty fuse box? Things are on the mend at the DiMeo house!

The next episode of Speechless airs November 2nd at 8:30/7:30c on ABC.


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