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‘SPEECHLESS’: Top 5 hashtag worthy moments of ‘L-O-N–LONDON’ Part 2

Published on October 13th, 2018 | Updated on January 13th, 2019 | By FanFest

Maya tries to pull one over on her father and several hashtag worthy moments follow in part 2 of ‘L-O-N–LONDON’ on Speechless.

The DiMeos are still making their mark on London this week. Maya continues to procrastinate on asking her father for money to save their house. To ease Ray’s anxiety Maya lies and tells Ray that his grandfather has already agree to give them the funds. You can imagine what hijinks ensue from there!

Meanwhile, J.J. tries to help Kenneth find romance on the trip and Jimmy longs for his friends from days gone by.


While avoiding asking the big favor of Martin, the DiMeos carry on with their London sightseeing. Everyone seeks a way to get a reaction from the stoic palace guard. Jimmy and J.J. fake a wheelchair snafu as J.J. charges at the guard with no reaction. DiMeos do not give up easily and a subsequent try results in a slight flinch. Jimmy and the kids celebrate by shouting “We got a flinch!” followed by “USA, USA!” You have to love the competitive spirit of the DiMeos!


J.J. makes several attempts to serve as Kenneth’s “wingman”. It turns out that J.J. is trying to create a reason for he and Kenneth to remain close even after Kenneth is no longer working as his aide. After several hilarious attempts to help Kenneth meet someone, J.J. comes clean about his intentions. Kenneth assures J.J. that their friendship will always be a part of their lives.

As part of his matchmaking efforts, J.J. lures Kenneth to the female waitstaff at a party at his grandfather’s house. It’s not easy for Kenneth to say no to a tray of cheese. Before long he is surrounded by a throng of pretty servers offering him their trays. Kenneth spots J.J. pointing at the women and Kenneth asks, “Are you herding cheese women to me?”


One of the funniest moments of the episode is Maya and Jimmy trying to deceive Martin into thinking they just now received a call from their lawyer about an offer on their house. Jimmy is anxious and declares his uneasiness with improv. (This, of course, is extra funny considering actor John Ross Bowie’s history with the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre.)

Jimmy needs details to sell the story. The charade begins, and Jimmy adds “on the terrace” with painstaking emphasis to attempt to make the scenario sound real. To make matters even worse, the only “fake” name Jimmy can come up with for their attorney is Samuel L. Jackson!

Of course, Martin has already learned from Ray that Maya had come to London asking for the money. Everything comes out in the open and Maya learns that Martin does not even have the money to share.


While Maya was trying to figure out how to approach her father, Jimmy strikes up a friendship with a fellow punk rock enthusiast named Rowan. Jimmy is disheartened when he learns that Rowan actually has other friends as well. Jimmy recalls the days with his band and having lots of friends of his own.

In true Dylan fashion, Jimmy’s daughter tells him to “Buck up, Jimbo”. (You may recall that Dylan does indeed have  her dad’s number stored in her phone as “Jimbo”!) Jimmy takes her advice and reaches out via text to some of his old pals.

After a short while, Jimmy begins receiving text notifications from his friends, which he proudly announces aloud as “friend text”. As Jimmy reconnects with old friends he finally gets the “win” he has been seeking. One friend is a loan officer and is going to help the DiMeos recover their house.


The episode ends back at the DiMeo house with Jimmy rocking out with his old band friends. Maya triumphantly removes her father and stepmother from the “Dead to Maya” wall. They are back in their home with renewed friendships and family bonds.

Even Martin has talked of coming to visit for “that stupid American holiday when everyone eats too much turkey and says how dreadful it was at the airport”. Maybe too long for a hashtag but most definitely hilarious!

Jimmy’s band is playing is a cover of Simon and Garfunkel’s “Homeward Bound” with a punk twist. It is a fitting end to the 2-part London adventure.

Update 10/14/18: John Ross Bowie confirmed that what we hear in the scene is indeed he and Kyle Gass singing. It is a fantastic rendition and I think fans would love a chance to purchase this version!

What will the DiMeos tackle next? Stay tuned for more Speechless Friday evenings at 8:30/7:30c on ABC.


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