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‘SPEECHLESS’: Top 5 Hashtag worthy moments of S3E1 ‘L-O-N–LONDON’

Published on October 6th, 2018 | Updated on January 13th, 2019 | By FanFest

Speechless is back for season 3 in its new Friday night time slot with memorable moments galore.

The DiMeos have quite a knack for delivering fabulous catchphrases both comedic and heartfelt. The writers fill each episode with these fabulous nuggets that bear repeating. I have compiled a top 5 list of hashtag worthy moments in the season 3 premiere.


The DiMeos are in dire need of housing as they have recently been evicted from the house they made into a home over the last two seasons. Kenneth invites the family to stay with him until they figure out a permanent solution. The conversation evolves into a fabulous homage to 80’s sitcoms with Maya and Kenneth singing the theme song to the fictional “Living Under One Roof”.

John Ross Bowie confirmed that it was indeed Cedric Yarbrough (Kenneth) and Minnie Driver (Maya) singing for the scene.


It turns out that residing with Kenneth is definitely not a long-term solution. Six people packed into Kenneth’s place leaves little room for privacy. As Maya considers asking her estranged father for financial assistance, she takes a turn in the “cry corner” established by the household.

I mean, who doesn’t need a little nook with a propped-up mattress where you can go when things get a little emotional? That’s the best you are going to get with five DiMeos and Kenneth vying for space.


We knew we were in for some hilarity with John Cleese portraying Maya’s father. The family makes a surprise visit to London with the intention of asking for his help to purchase their house that is now back on the market.

We are first treated to Maya’s father Martin hijacking the script of a bus tour guide from his window where the tour passes multiple times daily. Maya interrupts her father’s tirade and he asks about her “dreadful American accent”. Maya insists she does not have an American accent. Martin then begins ranting in a faux southern fried accent talking about “honey maggots”. The two begin debating the existence of such creatures.

#SoICanVisitMuseums #AndEnunciateConsonants

It’s a long one but well worth mentioning. Ray is so anxious to experience the culture of London. He pokes fun of his native California using a surfer accent. When a young lady admires his surfer persona, Ray decides to keep up the charade and even purchases new beach-themed clothes.

While enjoying the apt attention of so many pretty London co-eds, Ray also tires of their questions and longs to see the sites. As more and more girls converge upon him with fascination, he comes to a breaking point and drops the accent declaring his desire to “visit museums and enunciate consonants”. Dude, it’s good to have you back, Ray!


Jimmy DiMeo has some of the most hilarious, albeit subtle comedic reactions. Then again, he is known for some of the most heartwarming scenes as well.

Jimmy is devastated to learn that the observatory at Central Hall Westminster is not wheelchair accessible. He has grand plans to take aspiring filmmaker J.J. to the rooftop for the amazing view. J.J. declines his father’s offer to make the trek up to the rooftop without the wheelchair.

J.J. expresses his frustration with the inevitable difficulties of traveling with a disability. Jimmy shares that he is in dire need of a personal victory amidst feelings of failing his family with the house debacle. He asks J.J. to let him do this “for you for me”.

I think this applies to all parents, but as a special needs parent myself, I can relate to times when you just need to make a difficult situation “work”. Sometimes it is the parent that really needs the “help”. Thank you Speechless for shedding light on these moments!

We leave the episode with Maya enjoying her reunion with her father, but she has yet to reveal her original intentions for the visit.

Tune in next Friday, 10/12 for part 2 of the Speechless London adventure.


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