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‘SPEECHLESS’: Top 5 moments from ‘P-R-O-M-P–PROMPOSAL’

Published on March 22nd, 2019 | Updated on March 23rd, 2019 | By FanFest

There is a little trouble in paradise this week for some of our favorite Speechless couples.

Izzy and JJ are not on the same page when it comes to prom. Kenneth gets jealous when he learns that Melanie’s potential investor has some history with his girlfriend. Jimmy voices his disappointment with missing out on his dream when Maya does not take hers seriously. Dylan and Ray team up to “help” JJ. Their plan works, but is that a good thing?

Let’s take a look at the Top 5 moments from the ‘P-R-O-M-P–PROMPOSAL’ episode.


The DiMeos all pitch in to make a clever video to ask Izzy to go to the prom with JJ. Maya even agrees to sign a restraining order of sorts promising to stay away from the big event. Surely, Izzy will be impressed and delighted to attend prom with JJ. Or, will she?

Izzy likes the video but is boycotting the prom. Her recommendations were not well received on the prom planning committee. She wanted a Grease theme. JJ suggests he may go with someone else then. Izzy replies, “Be my guest.”

JJ agrees to compromise, or as Dylan cleverly calls it, “promcomise”, and spend the evening instead with Izzy and friends watching Grease. Ray and Dylan convince JJ that he should try to make Izzy jealous by going with someone else. JJ hesitates but finally agrees.


Maya and Melanie are moving forward with their business plan for the adaptive clothing line. They have a call with the bank about investing in their product. When the banker suggests their business plan is perhaps too optimistic, Maya takes offense and then proceeds to go on the offense. She insults the bank saying they cannot even “keep a bloody pen on a chain”. Oops.

Jimmy proposes an intervention for Maya. He teams up with Melanie, Kenneth and some special guests to teach Maya how to respond to criticism appropriately. Maya practices simply saying “interesting” when someone hurls an insult at her. She finally manages to master the skill, or so we think.

Melanie enlists Blair, an old friend from business school, as a potential investor. He seems to be carrying a bit of a torch for Melanie, which makes Kenneth a little uncomfortable, or shall we say jealous. Aside from Kenneth’s disdain for Blair, Maya becomes angry with Blair as well when he suggests that Logan and JJ are not up to par as models for the campaign. Maya erupts and Blair leaves.

Cassidy Chambers

Back on the prom front, Dylan and Ray share a new version of JJ’s prom proposal video on social media with the names of all his celebrity crushes, hoping one of them may respond to his invitation.

An actress named Cassidy Chambers (played by Bella Thorne) replies with a resounding yes. She has an ulterior motive, though. She is currently working on a movie where she, an able-bodied person, is playing the role of someone with a disability. In fact, a dance troupe comprised of wheelchair users protests her arrival outside the prom.

Cassidy says all the wrong things as she tries to endear herself to the disability community saying she is “woke”. She is using JJ and he is using her to try to make Izzy jealous. Dylan and Ray decide to post photos of JJ and Cassidy on social media. Instead of prompting Cassidy to say “cheese”, Ray says, “Say ‘This photo sells me as an ally to the disability community'”.

When Izzy arrives at the prom, Ray thinks his plan has worked, but Izzy is hurt when she sees JJ dancing with Cassidy. She runs and locks herself in a closet in the drama room.

“I’m not like me.”

Jimmy is disappointed when Maya insults investor Blair. He does not understand how she can sabotage an opportunity to move her company forward. She says she is not like Jimmy and Jimmy responds, “I’m not like me”.

Jimmy explains that he has dreams, too. He still longs to be an architect. He is willing to work at his reliable but no so rewarding job so Maya can pursue her dream, but only if she takes her dream seriously. Maya realizes she has not been thinking about the sacrifices Jimmy has made.

She returns his laser pointer to him as a sign of encouragement. Jimmy responds with “Baby, I’m back!” The whole family works on a promotional video to send to prospective architectural firms imploring them to “Hire Jimmy DiMeo!” Of course, in classic DiMeo fashion, they forgot to include Jimmy’s contact information in the video. At least, there’s progress, right?

”You’re the one that I want.”

JJ manages to turn things around when he changes into some Rydell High School attire and gets the music changed to the popular Grease song “You’re the One That I Want”. Izzy is touched and joins JJ on the dance floor wearing a Sandy-esque leather jacket.

He even recruits the dance troupe protesters to join them on the dance floor in their wheelchairs. It is definitely a heartfelt moment seeing JJ and Izzy dancing together.

Ray’s corner:

Ray’s intentions are good. He wants to get JJ and Izzy together at prom. The part about making Izzy jealous worked but not the way he intended. As Izzy runs away hurt and locks herself in the closet, Ray comes to this realization saying, “There it is, now it’s a Ray plan.”

Thankfully, JJ also sees the error of his ways and reunites with Izzy in a sweet homage to her Grease themed plan for prom. Maybe don’t try so hard next time, Ray!

There were so many good messages in this episode! Speechless does a great job of educating about disabilities in both a fun and heartfelt way. The show also has a lot to say about families caring for one another.

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