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‘SPEECHLESS’: Top 5 moments from ‘S-P–SPECIAL B-O–BOY T-I–TIME’

Published on March 8th, 2019 | Updated on March 8th, 2019 | By FanFest

There is a lot of bonding this week on Speechless.

The DiMeos plus Kenneth pair off in three separate stories this week. After some hilarious escapades, they each end up realizing something “special” about the other person.

When Dylan brings a boy home to study, she does not expect the young man to spend more time with Jimbo. She struggles with the complicated emotions that come with growing up and finds that her dad can be a great sounding board. Ray and Maya go head to head to outwit each other but end up learning how much fun they can have if they make the time. JJ and Kenneth experiment with a trial separation and find out just what a great team they make.

Here are 5 Top Moments from this week’s episode ‘S-P–SPECIAL B-O–Y T-I–TIME’.

I love you(r car)

JJ and Kenneth see Izzy leaving school in her friend’s car. They share a quick chat and as the car pulls away, Kenneth speaks for JJ saying “I love you.” The only problem is, that is not what JJ pointed to on his board. Kenneth spoke too quickly. JJ was saying “I love your car” to Izzy’s friend.

Poor JJ feels mortified and they drive after the car and catch up to the girls. Kenneth explains his mistake and Izzy is relieved that things are not moving faster than she thought with JJ.

JJ is still frustrated with Kenneth’s mistake and consults his mentor Lee (played hilariously by Speechless writer Zach Anner). JJ decides to try out Lee’s aide, Randy, for the day, leaving Kenneth in the dust.

I’m looking five-ward to it.

Maya and Ray have an epic standoff about going to the water park. Ten years prior, Maya did not take Ray to the water park as promised for “Special Boy Time”. Ray has been using this moment against her for ten years and Maya knows it.

All Ray really wants is a private SAT tutor. “You had to go and ‘Ray’ it up”, says Dylan after first admiring Ray’s conniving methods.

Maya refuses to be guilted into another request from Ray over this one incident. She turns the tables on Ray and does not give him a chance to ask for the tutor. She tells him they are going to the water park. Ray plays along and agrees they should go today, thinking Maya will back down. She does not.

Maya tells him she is “looking forward to it”. Ray tries to outwit her by saying, “I’m looking ‘five-ward’ to it.” Not to be outdone, Maya replies, “I’m looking ‘five-ward three’ it.” After some dueling cheek twitching, mother and son are off to Great Wolf Lodge for some “Special Boy Time”.

You bring a bad boy in this house, I’m going to show him my vacuum.

Jimmy is not quite prepared for Dylan inviting a boy over to the house, especially a bad boy. He tries to conjure up a way to intimidate the young man. He pulls out his Shop-Vac. It is loud after all! Ha!

Jimmy’s intimidation routine falls flat when Kai admires Jimmy’s guitar. The tow begin playing “Dueling Banjos” with Kai on guitar and Jimmy on bass. The pair rocks out and Kai opens up to Jimmy. Dylan tells Jimmy that he is ruining everything. Kai overhears them talking. It’s awkward and Kai leaves.

Dylan tells Jimmy that she does not know what to do with all these new feelings. Likewise, Jimmy is not sure how he feels about his daughter growing up. Dylan says it all feels weird. Jimmy responds, “Weird is good. Weird is us.” They decide to go for frozen yogurt together. There is a cute boy that works there after all!

The Wolf Tail changes a person.

Ray and Maya make it to the park and actually begin having fun. Then Maya gets some calls about work and turns away from Ray just as he is about to plunge into the Wolf Tail ride where the bottom drops out from under his feet.

Maya becomes so distracted that she loses track of Ray. She searches for him and finds Ray with a group of young kids playing games and pretending to take their money.

Ray is disappointed that Maya still didn’t seem to have time for the two of them. He explains that JJ’s needs often overshadowed their time together and now he worries that her new business venture will do the same. Maya asks Ray what he really wanted to begin with and he tells her about the tutor.

Ray learns that he should be honest with his mom about his needs and not try to trick her into doing what she wants. They celebrate by dancing together as Maya convinces the park host to proclaim Ray “Honorary King of the Wolves”.

Couldn’t make it one day.

JJ quickly realizes that Randy is not a good match for him as an aide. He is not fun like Kenneth and does not get his sense of humor. JJ dumps Randy and reunites with Kenneth, who has been missing JJ as well. Kenneth points out that they “couldn’t make it one day”.

They ponder what they will do when JJ goes to college. JJ wants Kenneth to remain his aide, but Kenneth reminds him that he took the job to help JJ through high school. Kenneth assures JJ that he will help find him a great aide for him for college, not as great as Kenneth, of course, but the next best!

Ray’s Corner:

Ray gave us enough material for an entire post this week! With he and Maya together, the humor really packed a punch.

Minnie Driver is excellent with the physical humor much like Mason Cook and not afraid to look silly. One of my favorite scenes this week was the two of them sitting together with Maya’s hair 3 times its normal width. She has a goofy smile on her face as Ray sits there trying to get water out of his ear.

Another scene-stealing moment comes when Ray stomps away from Maya saying he is going “this way”, which is against the current of the river ride. Ray is trying to walk through the water and going nowhere! He does not want to lose face so he just stays there.

We have more Speechless to come in season 3, but the actors are almost done filming. Knowing we all want a season 4, be sure to make your voice heard on social media. Let ABC know that we want them to #RenewSpeechless.

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