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‘SPEECHLESS’: Top 5 hashtag worthy moments from ‘G-A–GAME N-I–NIGHT’

Published on February 23rd, 2019 | Updated on February 26th, 2019 | By FanFest

Maya finally gets to meet JJ’s girlfriend Izzy on Speechless. What could possibly go wrong?

As you can imagine with our beloved DiMeos, the evening does not goes as smoothly as planned. Perhaps the family should have adopted a pre-visit checklist likened to Ray’s pre-driving checklist!

Jimmy makes his famous “DiMeo” cheeseball. Newly licensed driver takes JJ with him to get a gluten free cake for Izzy. Maya assigns Jimmy to be her shadow to keep her inner “Wolfman” (woman?) from surfacing. You know, “the extremely over-protective, you’ll never be good enough for my son” kind of Maya!

With all these careful preparations, the game night still goes off the rails. You simply cannot control everything, right?

Check out these top 5 hashtag worthy moments from the latest episode of Speechless.

You made the cheeseball?

When Jimmy breaks out the cheeseball, something big is going down. Dylan is in awe as she walks in the kitchen and sees Jimmy has prepared the renowned secret DiMeo family cheeseball recipe. Okay, it turns out it may just be the recipe on the back of the cracker box. At any rate, it’s only for special occasions.

The whole family meeting Izzy surely warrants the cheeseball. Special guest Izzy is supposed to have the first bite, but Kenneth and Dylan have a tough time resisting the special appetizer. The pair takes bites and squishes the remains back into a ball until there is only about a golf ball size portion left. Then Kenneth eats that, too!

#YouMadeTheCheeseball – for those most special of occasions

I’d rule out gold digger.

Meanwhile, Maya is getting ready and worries about staying civil with their guest. She begins ranting about all that could be wrong about JJ dating Izzy. She wonders if Izzy has some ulterior motive for dating JJ.

In a hilarious turn, Jimmy flatly states, “I’d rule out gold digger.”

#IdRuleOutGoldDigger – when you don’t have enough gold to be dug


Book of the Bible? Not this time. Jimmy reads a text from Izzy’s phone about a secret she shares with JJ. Jimmy and Maya panic fearing what the secret may be. Maya goes into full investigator mode. She builds a fake game called “Revelations” out of various board games. All the rules are at Maya’s discretion, of course, as she tries to manipulate Izzy into sharing the secret.

Izzy is on to Maya and reveals nothing true. Jimmy, on the other hand, gets pretty wrapped up in the game and is  delighted when he earns “10 truth tokens”.

#Revelations – when your digging for intel

No cake can fix that.

Jimmy and Maya are playing Revelations with Izzy. Kenneth and Dylan are trying to make a new cheeseball. So, where are Ray and JJ all this time?

Ray tells JJ that they share Ray’s driver’s license. Wherever JJ wants to go, Ray will drive him. They head out to get the cake for Izzy’s visit. Per Ray’s pre-driving checklist, it is too foggy to leave the bakery. JJ gets worried about leaving Izzy home alone with the rest of the family. He pressures Ray to go ahead and drive.

Sure enough, Ray cannot see well and runs into tree. Ray lashes out and tells JJ he is not his chauffeur. JJ reminds Ray that they share the license. Ray disagrees and says, “I just said that because I felt bad for you.” Then Ray feels worse.

The incident opens up a conversation about how Ray cannot make sense of why he gets to celebrate certain milestones like driving but JJ cannot. JJ reminds Ray that it’s not his fault and he has no control over why JJ has cerebral palsy and Ray does not.

Speaking of control, Ray tells JJ that they cannot control how Maya will respond to Izzy, so it’s no need trying to make things go perfectly. As Ray says, “No cake can fix that.”

#NoCakeCanFixThat – when you realize everything is not under your control

I mean, it’s clay and dog food.

Things go from bad to worse back at the house when Jimmy tries to salvage the visit with the cheeseball. Kenneth and Dylan have run out of cheese trying to replicate Jimmy’s creation. They resort to making a fake cheeseball, one that looks like a cheeseball but has no actual cheese in it.

Dylan’s plan is to “accidentally” drop the cheeseball on the floor so no one can eat it. She did not plan on Jimmy taking a dive to rescue his precious hors d’oeuvre. He forces Izzy to take a bite and she swiftly spits it out asking if it is made of clay. Dylan replies, “I mean, it’s clay and dog food.” Yuck!

#IMeanItsClayAndDogFood – when things just got worse

Ray’s Corner:

I have to include a classic Ray moment. As he keeps walking into trees in the fog after the car crashes —

“What is this? A dang arboretum?”

Izzy ends up making the “revelation” to Maya that she was not giving true answers in the game. She knew what Maya was up to. They clear the air and share that they do like each other.

So, what was the big secret? Izzy is going to college in New York and JJ wants to join her there for film school. He just needs to complete an application . . .and produce a film . . . before tomorrow!

This is definitely not within Jimmy and Maya’s comfort zone. We have to stay tuned for what happens next.

Meanwhile, be sure to tune in to Speechless writer Zach Anner’s podcast about the show. This week Zach interview’s Ray actor, Mason Cook! (Correction: Catch executive story editor for Speechless, Lizzie Beckwith, on the 2/19 podcast episode) Don’t miss all the fun!


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