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‘SPEECHLESS’: Top 5 hashtag worthy moments from ‘J-A–JAVIER’S P-A–PANTS’

Published on January 5th, 2019 | Updated on January 5th, 2019 | By FanFest

Speechless is back with guest spots from hilarious characters Melanie Hertzel and physical therapist Joyce. JJ has a quiet but powerful method for admonishing Dylan and Kenneth. Meanwhile, Jimmy seeks some bonding time with Ray. Somehow, a guy named Javier inspires Maya with his pants in a way he never expected.

It is time to break down another episode of Speechless by taking a look at its top 5 hashtag worthy moments.

So what you’re saying is

Maya meets with her fellow special needs moms for support group. She seems to be monopolizing the discussion, however, talking about her anxiety over JJ leaving for college next year. She wonders what she will do with her time. The other ladies try to give her advice in hopes of moving on to the next mom, but Maya keeps following up their ideas with “so what you’re saying is . . .” to reiterate and bring the conversation back to her concerns.

With only 20 seconds left in the meeting, Maya’s sometimes nemesis, sometimes friend Melanie Hertzel announces that her husband has left her. Maya seeks to help Melanie. Quirky physical therapist Joyce arrives for JJ’s session and also jumps in with advice for Melanie. Interestingly, somehow, Joyce’s advice always involves “build[ing] up an immunity to laxatives”!

#SoWhatYoureSayingIs — when you want to steer the focus back to yourself

Can I show you something?

Ray and Jimmy are driving in the van when it gets a flat tire. Jimmy begins reminiscing about memories of his own father teaching him how to fix things such as flat tires. There are a few recollections of Jimmy’s dad insulting him as well. While Jimmy ponders his dad’s approach, he turns to find that Ray has already replaced the flat tire all by himself. How did Ray not need Jimmy’s instruction?

Jimmy becomes concerned that he may have diverted so much attention to JJ that he has fallen short in sharing important milestones and teaching moments with Ray.

Ray shares a little secret about “the wisdom of instructional videos on YouTube“. Jimmy finds that he cannot compete with YouTube. He keeps trying to find things to teach Ray like shaving, putting up a shelf, and grilling. It seems that each time, however, Ray ends up teaching Jimmy something he learned online instead.

#CanIShowYouSomethingwhen someone is trying to teach you something you know more about


It turns out JJ has a knack for giving someone a silent “talking-to” also referred to as a “staring-to”. He uses this tactic to admonish Dylan about getting kicked off the track team. She then goes out for the girls basketball team that Kenneth coaches.

Dylan is not happy with Kenneth’s very peaceful approach to coaching the team. It is lacking in competitive spirit. Dylan takes it too far the other direction when she teaches the other girls to use personal smack talk with the other team’s players during games. She digs up sensitive information about the opponents and raises the subject on the court.

Her approach is successful as far as the scoreboard but not for the well-being of the team. Again, JJ uses the “staring-to” to get Dylan and Kenneth to see the error of their ways (including Kenneth’s purple coaching suit – which as it turns out is part of a little homage to actor Cedric Yarbrough’s hometown musical sensation, The Time, along with his smooth dance moves, too, of course!). It’s back to teamwork for the Lafayette High School girls basketball team!

#StaringTowhen you don’t even need words to get your point across

You taught me what matters

Ray finds Jimmy’s search history on the (still cracked!) laptop about how to be a better dad and wants to reassure Jimmy. He creates the name of a fake knot (as in not real! wink-wink). Ray asks Jimmy to show him how to tie the mysterious McBjornson knot later in the day.

Jimmy assures Ray that he knows how to tie said knot (not true, Jimmy!). Jimmy turns to the internet to seek a YouTube video demonstrating the illusive knot. What he finds instead is a video Ray made telling his dad not to worry about all the things Ray has learned on his own. Ray tells Jimmy “you taught me what matters”. Oh, the feels!

On a personal note, aside from being a big fan, I also cover this show large in part to being a special needs parent myself. As such, I can really relate to the Jimmy and Ray story line this week. With a son who is a rising high school senior and older brother to a sister with special needs, I often find myself recalling all the hours my son had to accompany us to therapies and doctor appointments. I was not able to attend all of his school events due to our “special” situations. He, too, learned a lot of things on his own.

It can be easy for any parent to have doubts about their priorities among multiple children. I am reminded by this episode that my son’s unique experiences have shaped him in ways different from others, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. In fact, he has learned some things even better he probably would not have learned otherwise. The things that really matter are most definitely not lost on him!

#YouTaughtMeWhatMatterswhen you start to doubt the positive impact you’ve made on your child

Merlot me

Maya and Joyce try several different ways to help Melanie deal with the pain of her husband leaving. She ends up finding quite a bit of satisfaction in destroying her husband’s fine wine collection, hurling bottles and watching them shatter.

As they peruse the collection for the finest wines, they come across a nice Merlot. Maya says “Merlot me”. Melanie passes the bottle to Maya who throws the bottle across the yard. As Maya tries to support Melanie, it is clear that a real friendship is growing between the two strong-willed moms.

Melanie agrees to help Maya with her pursuit of an adaptive clothing line inspired by a male stripper’s rip off pants (aka “Javier’s Pants”). It’s so great to see these two working together. Together, they are a force to be reckoned with indeed!

#MerlotMe — when you stand by your friend

It was great to have Speechless back on the schedule this week after a short hiatus. Be sure to tune in next week on Friday 1/11 at 8:30/7:30c for another all-new episode on ABC.



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