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‘SPEECHLESS’: Top 5 hashtag worthy moments from ‘F-O–FOLLOW T-H-R–THROUGH’

Published on December 7th, 2018 | Updated on January 5th, 2019 | By FanFest

The DiMeos tackle their procrastination this week on Speechless. Songs, chants, and coaching make for both inspiration and many funny moments.

Jimmy and Maya are feeling pretty good about themselves after getting their Christmas tree up early this year. J.J. bursts their bubble when he reminds Jimmy about the man cave he said he would create in the garage. We are then reminded that Ray has not followed through on this “J.J.’s Dream” charity. Dylan has not fulfilled years of Christmas coupons for Ray. J.J. has not started working on his college preparation tasks. We also learn that Kenneth has not yet figured out what his plans are after J.J. goes to college. Maya thinks she is not guilty of putting things off until she realizes that she has not been making time alone with Jimmy.

Everyone sets out to prove that they have turned over new leaves and can indeed follow through on their plans. Dylan and Ray pair up to work on the approval for an accessible playground for the J.J.’s Dream charity. Maya and Jimmy find themselves working on the man cave together, well, sort of. Kenneth and J.J. begin tackling that college list.

So many memorable moments ensue as the family (including Kenneth!) try to make headway on their projects. Here are the Top 5 for this week’s episode of Speechless.

You laminated it?

Ray enlists Dylan’s help in navigating the local government offices to obtain approval for his accessible playground idea. After all, he does have an unexpired coupon from Dylan to “do something sweet for Ray”. Dylan snatches the coupon and attempts to rip it to pieces. No such luck, Dylan. In typical Ray fashion, he has laminated the coupon for safe-keeping. That Ray is always prepared!


Ray thinks he’s Rocky

Ray is feeling pretty good about his preparation as he meets with various government officials. For further inspiration, he instructs Dylan to sing the Rocky theme. What she comes up with is definitely not the Rocky theme, but it does have a familiar cadence that keeps Ray motivated.  One of the very amusing lyrics is “Ray thinks he’s Rocky”. Of course, as the faux Rocky theme comes to a close, Ray has reached the top of the stairs at the government center a la “Rocky”!


What fresh DiMeo hell is this?

J.J. experiences a myriad of mishaps when he tries to learn to make coffee, one of the items on his college preparation list. He drops the coffee pot, punctures a wheelchair tire, and cannot access Wi-Fi to request a repair. Kenneth suggests they check the router and is stunned to find out that it is set up under the sink. In his moment of exasperation, Kenneth asks out loud, “What fresh DiMeo hell is this?” To be fair, the DiMeos do indeed have a long history of household chaos!


We weren’t relaxed. We were dying!

Back in the garage, Jimmy is trying desperately to sort his piles between “worthless junk” and “stuff we’re not keeping” – ha! Meanwhile, Maya is reminiscing over old photos and wants to take time to connect with Jimmy. Maya makes an ultimatum telling Jimmy, “You and I are connecting with or without you [Jimmy].”

Jimmy arranges furniture from their courtship days and the two relax on the old futon together – or so they think! They awaken to discover that there is actually a gas leak and their “relaxation” is attributed to carbon monoxide poisoning. Thankfully, the leaking water heater is repaired without any permanent damage. Whew!

#WeWerentRelaxed #WeWereDying

You are a coach

J.J. takes matters into his own hands (and feet) with the router by flinging himself on to a pile of laundry on the floor. Kenneth is concerned but chooses to chant inspiration for J.J. as he pushes across the floor using his “good foot”. Kenneth cheers “Go good foot. Go good foot. Go!” J.J. makes it across the floor and plugs in the router using a grab device.

Both are elated, yet Kenneth breaks down crying. He admits that he has no idea what he is going to do once J.J. goes to college. He wants to continue being a part of J.J.’s life. J.J. uses his word board to say, “You are a coach.” Kenneth thinks about it and is very pleased with that idea. He can transition from being personal assistant to being a coach for J.J. The pair is pleased with the idea and J.J. is inspired to successfully make that cup of coffee. He still has some work to do on the taste though. More coaching, I suppose!


The characters find some success on all fronts. Jimmy and Maya do not die, thankfully. They even set a date to work on their connection as a couple. There is progress on the man cave. J.J. and Kenneth check some things off the college list and find out how Kenneth can still help J.J.

Things seem dicey for Ray, however, when the government official tells him his playground plan is not approved at his discretion. Ray’s “world view” is rocked when he sees that following the rules and procedures was not enough. Dylan takes matters into her own hands to “do something sweet for Ray”. She threatens the government official, well, actually his turtle, until he gives her a an approval for Ray’s project. Ray gets a win and Dylan really does honor the coupon after all.

Honorable Mention: #HeyRoommate

Make sure you do not miss Jimmy singing “Hey, Roommate”, the song he wrote for Maya in 1997 and updates in 2018 . Word to the wise, there are multiple verses!

Thanks DiMeos and Kenneth for bringing lots of laughs and a good dose of hope each week on Speechless.



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