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‘SPEECHLESS’: Top 5 hashtag worthy moments from ‘C-E–CELEBRITY S-U–SUITE’

Published on November 16th, 2018 | Updated on January 5th, 2019 | By FanFest

It is DiMeo Thanksgiving this week on Speechless. We can thank the show for an extra large serving of hashtag worthy moments!

The family’s plans take an abrupt turn when Kenneth accidentally gives Uncle Billy’s heart pills to J.J. An old “frenemy” resurfaces and Ray gets disappointing news about ex-girlfriend Taylor. Meanwhile, Jimmy tries to find the good in his brother Billy.

1) Vaguely Worded Emotional Instability

There are plentiful hashtag worthy phrases in the opener itself this week. Every year, Maya tries to get out of preparing Thanksgiving dinner. The family anticipates her dramatic efforts to get out of the task.

Jimmy is on point naming every excuse, in order no less. First, there is the “fun alternative”, followed by “moral high ground”, “vaguely worded emotional instability, and finally, “Chinese buffet”.

“Vaguely worded emotional instability” is quite comical as Maya turns on the waterworks and complains of going through a non-specific hard time.


2) Melanie Hertzel

The family arrives at the emergency room and learn that J.J. will be fine but needs to stay for a day of observation. Maya attempts to pull together Thanksgiving decor for their stay and then learns that there is a celebrity suite at the hospital.

As Maya turns to go request the suite, she is met with her nemesis, Melanie Hertzel. Maya stares at Melanie and says her name with such disdain. J.J. joins in by spelling her son (and his nemesis) Logan’s name with disdain voiced by Dylan. Jimmy joins in the dramatics and glares naming “some rando I’m staring at because having an enemy seems fun”.

Maya and Melanie end up teaming up to evict the current occupant of the celebrity suite. They use their numerous connections at the hospital and concoct an intricate mission to infiltrate the suite and scare the hypochondriac patient into leaving by feigning “Dimeo-Hertzel disease”.


3) Not the Borat board

We learn that Logan is there for complications from a tonsillectomy and cannot speak. J.J. is happy to not hear Logan’s “zingers” but offers him a spare word board anyway. It turns out the spare is the “Borat board”, one where Jimmy says everything using his Borat impression. Jimmy is thrilled to offer his performance, but everyone else rolls their eyes having put the board to rest a long time ago. Their tune changes when Logan insults Jimmy’s Borat impression.


4) It’s so boring, it’s calming me down

Before having the Borat board at his disposal, Logan performs a series of charades to burst Ray’s bubble. Logan conveys that Taylor is not at the hospital with them because she is on a ski trip with her new boyfriend.

Ray goes to the waiting room and begins sharing his sob story with Mary, a pregnant patient in labor. Ray realizes that her situation might be a tad more urgent than his emotional train wreck, so he offers to stop bothering her with his story. To his delight, she asks him to continue. We learn that his story is a helpful distraction from the labor pains because she shares ,”It’s so boring, it’s calming me down.”

Ray accepts the invitation without insult and continues telling Mary his story all the way through the birthing process. Seeing the newborn baby revitalizes Ray who says the baby gives him “hope”. Ray feels bonded to the baby, so much so that he engages in a hilarious shot of skin to skin contact with the newborn before Mary kicks him out.


5) I never get Good Billy

Meanwhile, Jimmy becomes envious of the silly shenanigans Kenneth is having with brother Billy. Kenneth had one job. He was supposed to keep an eye on Billy at the hospital. Jimmy did not expect to see the two of them engaging in a novocaine fight.

Jimmy confesses to Kenneth, “I never get Good Billy”. Jimmy ends up being the “adult” one among Billy’s immature antics and decisions. The DiMeo dad longs for the days when he and Billy would laugh it up together as kids. Kenneth tells Jimmy he needs to find a grownup connection with his brother.

Kenneth models the practice of talking like an adult sharing an emotion. In a comical twist, the brothers team up to poke fun of Kenneth with a series of jabs. Jimmy gets some “Good Billy” after all.


Melanie and Maya decide to share the suite. Then Maya realizes Melanie is just blowing smoke and is planning to  take the suite for herself. Maya acts quickly and gets to the room first locking out Melanie. Melanie executes an attack by using her maintenance connections at the hospital to make the room freezing and shut down the power.

Maya surrenders and the pair finally agree to share the suite after all. The two families set up a lovely Thanksgiving table to share. Everyone is enjoying the celebrity suite when we learn that they are about to be kicked out. Actor James Van Der Beek has arrived with a toe injury. It looks like the “DiMeo-Hertzel disease” has struck again!

Happy Thanksgiving!


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