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‘Speechless’ Return Brings Romance for Ray

Published on September 23rd, 2017 | Updated on September 23rd, 2017 | By FanFest

It’s almost here! Speechless returns to ABC on Wednesday, 9/27.

Members of the Speechless cast have been posting to Instagram and Twitter with scoop on some things we can expect in the sophomore season of the popular comedy.

One plot point hanging on from last season will be Ray’s new girlfriend Taylor that he met at JJ’s summer camp. Ray thinks he has met his dream girl but is bummed that she is all the way across the country. But much to Ray’s relief, it turns out that Taylor (played by Sedona James) also lives in Orange County.

John Ross Bowie who plays dad Jimmy DiMeo shared on Instagram that he actually played Sedona’s dad on a Nickelodeon pilot that never came to fruition. But he said that while that show did not work out, it allowed him to join Speechless.

John also confirmed that Sedona’s character, Taylor, would be in several Speechless episodes this season. So, although John is not playing her dad this time around, we can look forward to seeing them on the same show.

Some of my favorite interactions on Speechless have been those between Jimmy and Ray. I think it is because Ray is so anxiety-ridden most of the time and Jimmy is usually pretty chill. It makes for a great dynamic between the two.

My all time favorite was the heartfelt scene where Jimmy explains that their family is “bulletproof” because they have faced so much together. And on a more comical note, I loved when Jimmy explains that the way to get a panicked Ray to talk is to spew erroneous information as fact. Just tell Ray the sky is really blue!

So I am hoping we will get some more great Jimmy and Ray conversations now that Ray is dating. Do you think Ray will be seeking his dad’s advice on girls? We will have to wait and see!

Speechless season 2 begins on September 27th on ABC.


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