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SPEECHLESS: Renewed for season 2

The ABC comedy Speechless has been renewed for a second season much to the delight of fans and cast.

Several cast members have taken to social media to share their excitement over the announcement.

Speechless follows the DiMeo family of five and son J.J.’s personal aide Kenneth (played by Cedric Yarbrough). Jimmy DiMeo co-parents with his outspoken wife Maya (played by John Ross Bowie and Minnie Driver, respectively). The kids are brothers J.J. And Ray (Micah Fowler and Mason Cook) with sister Dylan (Kyla Kenedy).

One might initially think the series is focused primarily on J.J. who is non-verbal and has cerebral palsy. But the show gives equitable screen time to the whole family as well as Kenneth.

As a parent to a child with cerebral palsy, I welcome the opportunity to enjoy the antics and heartfelt moments of a family I can relate to specifically, while also enjoying them as any other family on TV. Perhaps we are all more alike than we are different after all!

One parent keeps the peace, the other takes charge. The kids each have their own strengths  and individual fears. Things go wrong and sometimes they go right. There are challenges and their are sweet victories. But the root of the story is family.

The fact that Speechless sheds light on the specific demands and issues of a special needs family brings a unique platform to the table – an enlightenment for some and a relatable comfort to folks like myself – all while bringing the big laughs, like out loud laughs!

The comic timing of each cast member is brilliant. I enjoy each character fully yet differently. Hey, maybe that’s the whole point!

The season finale of Speechless airs May 17th on ABC – don’t miss the fun of “C-A–CAMP”!

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