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‘SPEECHLESS’: Top 5 moments from ‘S-E–SEOUL B-R–BROTHERS’

Published on March 15th, 2019 | Updated on March 15th, 2019 | By FanFest

Money matters, or does it, this week on Speechless?

Shopping, ‘Seoul’ful secrets, and a surprise guest shake up the lives of the DiMeos.

Ray is working hard to prepare for the school quiz bowl, but nothing can prepare him for the arrival of former girlfriend Taylor at the competition. Jimmy turns down a regular gig with his band in favor of a secret spot in a Korean wedding band. Meanwhile, JJ does some lavish spending that is not authorized.

Take a look at these top 5 moments in ‘S-E–SEOUL B-R–BROTHERS’.

Making it rain with a coupon pack

JJ finally receives his first Social Security check after turning 18. To celebrate his ability to spend big, he asks Dylan to “make it rain”. Dylan begins flipping the contents of a coupon pack in the air while “Take It” (performed by The Siege) plays. The look on JJ’s face is priceless.

While the check is for specific supplies and needs only, JJ is tempted to buy some lavish gifts for his family who has always provided for him. First it is a microscope for Ray, then a saw for Jimmy, followed by more and more gifts for the family members, none of which are authorized for purchase with those funds. JJ tries to explain away his sudden wealth with a series of false scenarios – winning a raffle, having a coupon and his grocery store job.

“Jimmy’s Korean?!”

This is Kenneth’s response when he spies Jimmy up on stage performing with the “Seoul Brothers” at a friend’s wedding. It feels like an odd choice since Jimmy had the opportunity to perform a weekly gig with his own band. Why choose a Korean wedding band over his friends?

It turns out that Jimmy chooses this gig because Maya does not know about it, at least until Kenneth spills the beans. Kenneth also outs Maya for her weekly late work nights, which are actually girls’ nights with Melanie.

We learn that Maya and Jimmy do not feel as bad about taking time for a little fun as long as the other one does not know about it. Otherwise, they feel compelled to actually use that time to work and make more money for their growing debt.

“It’s really crowded in here.”

Ray is blindsided by the arrival of Taylor with her school’s team to compete in the quiz bowl. He becomes nostalgic about memories of being Taylor’s boyfriend and becomes distracted. Justin Chang makes maters worse when he suggests to Ray that Taylor still seems to fond of him.

Ray considers using his past with Taylor to try to manipulate her into sharing her team’s study materials. He meets her in the “empty” library and asks to sit with her saying, “It’s really crowded in here.” Taylor appears to be one step ahead of Ray and convinces him to throw the competition and win back her love.

The young DiMeo has a moment of clarity at the competition and proclaims he will not lose on purpose no matter his feelings for Taylor. Then he proceeds to miss the question anyway, just not on purpose. Oh, Ray!

“Who do you think you are? The deli guy.”

JJ’s spending comes to a crashing halt when Maya makes a call to the Social Security office inquiring about his checks and learns that it had been mailed. In regard to JJ’s fancy gifts on his grocery store pay, Kenneth asks, “Who do you think you are? The deli guy” and goes on to explain that the deli guy makes big money. Kenneth then ponders whether he pays the deli guy too much, but I (and Kenneth!) digress.

Maya reminds JJ of the rules associated with spending with his government check. She also makes it clear that her gifts cannot be returned because she stains everything! How will JJ replace the funds?

“No, JJ. You’re paying us back in money.”

Even though JJ’s parents assure him they will help recover the funds, he does not want to take more from them. He goes to a street corner where he had been mistaken for a pan handler earlier in the week. Maya and Jimmy spot him on the way to the quiz bowl and stop.

JJ tells his parents he does not want to take more from them than he already has. They explain that he will repay them. JJ assumes they mean metaphorically as in how he adds something special to their family. Jimmy corrects him saying, “No, JJ. You’re paying us back in money.”

JJ is thrilled that his parents have the expectation of him having a successful career and actually repaying them in dollars. JJ suggests a deadline of 20 years!

Ray’s Corner:

No episode discussion is complete without shining light on Ray’s shenanigans. I am not sure what takes the cake this week. Would it be the dance moves he delivers in gratitude to JJ for the microscope? Or, would it be the pretend smooching fest he and Taylor enact with their hand and backpack? Make your vote in the comments!

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