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‘SPEECHLESS’: Top 5 hashtag worthy moments from ‘J-I–JIMMY V-A-L–VALENTINE’

Published on February 16th, 2019 | Updated on February 16th, 2019 | By FanFest

It’s Valentine’s Day on Speechless with lots of love and laughter to go around!

What do an a extravagant gift giver, a new couple, and “boat jail” all have in common? They all involve DiMeos on Valentine’s Day.

With a mortgage and college tuition on the horizon, Maya asks Jimmy to forego his usual lavish Valentine’s Day gift giving. JJ is nervous about his first date with Izzy and thinks bringing Kenneth along will be a good idea. Ray takes Dylan on his pre-booked Valentine’s Day boat cruise since he has not found the girlfriend he planned for.

Per usual DiMeo practice, things go off the rails a bit. Take a look at these highlights from the ‘J-I–JIMMY V-A-L–VALENTINE’ episode of Speechless.

Maya Dimeo Secret Account

In the wake of last episode’s reveal that Maya believes there is a “president of the Internet”, we see that Maya is also a wiz at coming up with clever social media user names. Ha, not so much! Izzy finds that an account named “Maya DiMeo Secret Account” is following her posts on social media.

JJ tells Izzy that his mom “paws her phone like a drunk gorilla” and is mortified when Maya accidentally begins streaming herself live from the bathroom with Jimmy. Thanks to director Bill Purple, we get a hilarious shot from the phone’s perspective as Mays swipes hilariously with an open hand, much like a drunk gorilla!

It’s certainly not unlike Maya to be spying on JJ and the girl he likes. In fact, she manages to get a bird’s eye view of their date at the end of the episode.

Izzy: Some of it was bad. / Kenneth: That’s fair.

The time has come for JJ and Izzy to enjoy their Valentine’s Day date. Izzy arrives at the door of JJ’s romantically decorated man cave and is surprised to see Kenneth there. As Kenneth and Izzy make their introductions, Kenneth tells Izzy he hopes she has not heard anything bad about him.

One of the things that makes Izzy so endearing is her honesty, as is the case here when she hilariously responds, “Some of it was bad.” Kenneth pauses, then says, “That’s fair.” JJ tries to help them get to know each other so it will not be so awkward, but his efforts almost make it worse.

I’ll be disappointing Kaci another night.

Dylan asks Ray to take her on the boat cruise since he does not have a date. Ray agrees thinking it will be a good way for the siblings to bond. They arrive on the boat and Dylan thanks Ray for including her. He shares that he actually did find a possible date named Kaci but decided to keep his word and take Dylan. He proudly announces “I’ll be disappointing Kaci another night.” Has Ray programmed himself to expect failure in romance? Either way, it’s really funny and so very “Ray”!

Sadly, Dylan has not been honest with Ray and as soon as the boat leaves the dock, she reveals that she has tricked Ray. She is meeting someone else on the boat. Instead of brother sister bonding, it becomes brother sister battling as Ray tries to ruin Dylan’s date and Dylan locks Ray in a coat closet. To make matters worse, Dylan discovers that her  internet video sensation date is just using her for his “content”.

Is this a sidebar about too many sidebars?

JJ and Izzy’s dinner date keeps getting interrupted every time JJ and Kenneth have a “sidebar”. JJ and Kenneth keep leaving the table to privately consult on how the date is going. After several of these mini meetings, JJ pulls Kenneth for another sidebar and tells Kenneth they are having too many sidebars. Kenneth hilariously inquires, “Is this a sidebar about too many sidebars?” Now, that’s meta, am I right?

When they return to the table, Izzy announces that she is going to assist at the dance instead and explains (honestly, might I add) that “this has all been kind of weird.”

Money comes and money goes, but what we have is forever.

Jimmy goes to work to try to keep his mind off wanting to get a lavish gift for Maya for Valentine’s Day. His plan does not prove helpful as he travels through the concourse seeing all the Valentine’s gifts at the airport. He folds quickly and buys a room full of roses that arrived too late for a salesman.

Maya arrives shocked that Jimmy has spent so much money on the flowers. She suggests they try to sell them together to make some money. Jimmy agrees and they seem to have some fun. Jimmy brings out the last bouquet, the one he saved especially for Maya who swiftly sells it to one last customer. Poor Jimmy walks back to his post at work.

Jimmy’s co-workers tell Maya that she “killed Jimmy Valentine” and she realizes that he gets so much joy from “the gift of extravagant giving”. She invites Jimmy to give the way that makes him happy. Jimmy is thrilled and surprises Maya with a romantic helicopter ride. Jimmy thanks Maya and reminds her, “Money comes and money goes, but what we have is forever.” Now that’s romantic, Jimmy Valentine!

So, how did things turn out for the rest of the family?

Dylan learns that the internet video guy was using her. Ray gets out of the coat check closet and sees the guy knock Dylan to the ground, albeit accidentally. Ray punches the guy and Dylan throws his camera overboard. These antics, while satisfying, land them in actual “boat jail”. They actually do end up bonding in their own Dylan and Ray kind of way.

And JJ? He gets up the nerve to finish his date alone with Izzy. The two are sharing some cute moments and about to kiss when Maya gets that bird’s eye view I mentioned. She calls to JJ from the helicopter asking how his date is going!

It’s a fitting end to Valentine’s Day, DiMeo style on Speechless!


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