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Space Jam: A New Legacy Has A Animated Justice League Cameo

Space Jam: A New Legacy is finally here, and so far it seems like people are enjoying it! Yeah, some reactions are mixed but all-in-all most people think it’s… okay. I didn’t mind it myself, but one of my favorite parts was definitely the animated Justice League cameo!

From this point on we won’t hesitate to spoil everything and anything from Space Jam: A New Legacy so if you haven’t seen it yet, we suggest you stop here! You can always come to check out this article later!

So, as you might expect from a Space Jam film there is going to be a basketball game, and Lebron James wants to make sure his team is the best. So, where do you think he searches for some powerful players? He heads to the DC Universe, obviously.

If I had to pick someone to be on my basketball team, obviously I’d pick Superman. I think it’s a little strange he wanted to add Batman. I mean, as awesome as Batman is he isn’t superhuman. He could have at least chosen Wonder Woman.

Ironically, he does end up on Themyscira which is where he and the others find Lola Bunny. What is she doing on Themyscira, you may be asking yourself? She’s training to become an Amazon warrior, naturally!

A lot of people were talking about stuff like this as we approached the launch of the movie. See, people have been talking about how much promotion Warner Bros. was using for this film, and how they were using it. Some people are arguing that this entire film just feels like a huge advertisement for Warner Bros. properties.

Funnily enough, people reacted almost exactly like this when Space Jam, the original, first came out. Critics didn’t love it, but kids did. And it looks like history is repeating itself. Still, I enjoyed the animated Justice League cameo.

We’ll have to wait a few years to see if Space Jam: A New Legacy becomes a classic as well!



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