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Space Jam: A Lost Legacy Trailer Has Been Released

So, Space Jam, a cult classic from the nineties is getting a sequel. This is kind of insane because most people had assumed it would just never happen. Not now. Not after so many years. Those people were wrong since we’re getting Space Jam: A Lost Legacy. We don’t really know too, too much about what this film is going to entail exactly but we know a few obvious things. The Looney Tunes are going to play Basketball, there’s going to be a famous Basketball player and also that it’s going to be weird. Now a Space Jam: A Lost Legacy trailer has been released, giving us our first look at the basketball/Looney Tunes crossover. I don’t think anyone was expecting what we got though, especially since there were some truly bizarre cameos in this trailer. Still, it’s worth checking out so I’ll put it below so you can see it yourselves!

Look, I don’t know what the hell I expected but it wasn’t this. I can’t decide which Space Jam film has the weirder plot but I think this one does. Don Cheadle looks like he’s going to be the villain, which just does not vibe with his War Machine role in the MCU. Can we also take a moment to deal with the Looney Tunes becomes more… realistic? I guess realistic isn’t the right word but boy-oh-boy what the heck was that? Where the first Space Jam just blended 2D animation with the real world the sequel looks to take a 3D animation approach. It doesn’t look bad, per se, it was just a little jarring I think.

Still, this is a film fans have been waiting for since the nineties, so I hope it’s good. It may not be my jam (haha) but I certainly hope it lives up to expectations. For now, just enjoy the Space Jam: A Lost Legacy Trailer.

Space Jam: A Lost Legacy will be released July 16.

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