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‘Space Camp’ Remake in the Works at Disney+

Published on January 13th, 2020 | Updated on January 13th, 2020 | By FanFest

According to THR, Disney+ is set to reboot the film, Space Camp. The movie starred ’80s Lea Thompson, Kelly Preston, Tate Donovan and, in his theatrical feature debut, a young Joaquin Phoenix, then going by the name Leaf Phoenix.

A group of teens are permitted to sit in a space shuttle during a routine engine test when they are accidentally launched into space. They must work together to find oxygen and ultimately bring the shuttle home for a landing. They overcome many obsticles and challenges, working together.

Mikey Day and Streeter Seidell of Saturday Night Live have been hired to pen the script.

The original movie was released after the Challenger space shuttle disaster and did not do well at the box office when it was released in the summer of 1986.

Day and Seidell are also writing the Home Alone reboot that will star Jojo Rabbit breakout Archie Yates and they are also writing a new live-action take on 1980s animated series Inspector Gadget.

The original film followed Andie Bergstrom (Kate Capshaw), an astronaut eagerly awaiting her first trip to space, runs a summer camp for teenagers with her NASA-employed husband, Zach (Tom Skerritt). One night during an engine test, Andie and four teenage campers are accidentally shot into space. Together, the group — which includes Kathryn (Lea Thompson), a pilot-in-training, and Tish (Kelly Preston), a ditz with a perfect memory — must work together to operate the spacecraft and return home.

It will be interesting to see how Disney+ presents this new film.  Will it have a Disney channel feel or will it remain more true to the original film and play as a suspense, action and thriller?

We are certainly looking forward to the film, as it spawned our own desires to attend space camp when we were younger!

Are you looking forward to a Space Camp reboot? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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