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Sophie Turner Totally Shut Down This Person Defending Littlefinger

Published on September 5th, 2017 | Updated on September 5th, 2017 | By FanFest

Petyr “Littlefinger” Baelish learned the hard way that you don’t come between the Starks. His plan to turn Arya and Sansa against each other totally and satisfyingly backfired as the two had been conspiring against him the entire time. Littlefinger’s death excited fans so much because honestly, he deserved to die seasons ago and it was perfect to see the Stark’s bring him to justice, especially Sansa. Just in case you forgot here’s a quick rundown of some of his wrongdoings:

  • Littlefinger conspired with Lysa Arryn to kill Jon Arryn (Lord of the Vale/ Hand of the King) by giving Lysa Tears of Lys to murder him with
  • Littlefinger had Lysa tell the Stark’s that she thought the Lannisters poisoned Jon leading to:
    • Ned Stark heading to King’s Landing to investigate
    • Further conflict between the major houses that later erupted into an all out war
  • Littlefinger told Catelyn that the dagger used in the attempted assassination of Bran belonged to Tyrion
  • Littlefinger betrayed Ned Stark, causing him to be seized and executed
  • He killed his wife, Lysa Arryn, by pushing her out of the Moon Door and taking over the Vale
  • He sold Sansa to the Boltons, which then led to her horrific marriage to the psychotic Ramsay Bolton.
  • He tried to drive a wedge between Sansa and Arya.

Of course, there will always be some Littlefinger apologists, but there is one person who is not here for it – Sophie Turner. Turner plays Sansa Stark on the hit show and her storyline has been the most intertwined with Littlefinger’s and one of her character’s worst arcs came to be because of him. She took the time to totally clap back at someone who tweeted that Littlefinger “never hurt Sansa”.

Honestly, Ramsay Bolton is a literal mic-drop end of discussion for anyone who tries to defend Littlefinger. The fan continued but was met again by Turner’s clarification.

With that tweet – case closed. While Littlefinger was a smart man who used his intellect and smooth talking ways to last seven seasons and start a literal Game of Thrones, he caused way too much pain and suffering for the Stark family and deserved to be killed for his crimes. So, at the end of the day don’t come for Sansa Stark or Sophie Turner.

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