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Sony Reveals PS5; Release Date And Price Arriving Later

After what feels like an eternity, and one very unfortunate but necessary delay, Sony has finally revealed to us what the fabled Playstation 5 is actually going to look like. Sony held its PS5 event where they showed off an absolute boatload of games coming to the PS5. The highlight of the show was, of course, the reveal of the next-gen console. The PS5 is scheduled to be released during the holiday season of 2020.

The event lasted just a little over an hour and saw more than a dozen PS5 games announced. A new Spider-Man game, Horizon 2, and a Dark Soul’s remake are just a few of the announced games. We were also given a glimpse at a few PS5 accessories. These include a headset, a camera, and even a remote control for media. Let’s be real though, none of those things are why you’re here. You’ve seen the controller and now you want to see the console, right? Right below you can watch the hardware reveal trailer for yourself.

The design, so far, has been met with both praise and scorn. So far it would seem that Sony fans are divided in what they think of the console itself. I should note the controller itself was met mostly with praise when it was first revealed. I, personally, am still undecided and will need a closer look at the console when it releases later this year.

The Playstation 5 is going to boast an impressive, super quick SSD. It will also include ray-tracing technology and launch with two different launch models. One will include the ability to read disks while the other will be a digital-only model.

There’s a lot to look forward to in terms of the Playstation 5. We shouldn’t forget, however, that we still don’t know the price or full release date. It is also still impossible to pre-order the console as far as I could tell. Though this is rather unfortunate it definitely won’t be long until Sony shares this information.

For now, we at least have some awesome trailers to keep us entertained.


One thought on “Sony Reveals PS5; Release Date And Price Arriving Later

  1. OK, this is bad! I just found out the PS5 preorders have already sold out. How did this happen? Were you able to get one? I can’t believe I missed it…

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