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Someone Is Confirming That Charlie Cox Has 2 MCU Appearances As Daredevil! Is This Finally Happening!?

Published on July 8th, 2021 | Updated on July 8th, 2021 | By FanFest

Since the Marvel section of Marvel was ripped from our lives, fans have been desperate for some kind of revival. We may finally be getting it if Grace Randolph is to be believed! We’ve heard the rumors for some time now, but insider Grace Randolph says it is confirmed. Charlie Cox has 2 MCU appearances coming, according to her.

Now, this is obviously still a rumor, but the rumors are starting to pile up. That’s what makes all of this so interesting. It also totally lines up with the rumors in regards to Punisher, since he too will apparently have appearances in other Disney+ series. Could these all really lead to a Netflix revival on Hulu. That would be pretty awesome!

So, the first appearance will reportedly be in Spider-Man: No Way Home! We’ve suspected this for some time, especially since we got confirmation of a courtroom scene coming. Randolph is saying that Cox will only appear as Matt Murdock in this film though.

Where will Daredevil show up, then? Well, according, again, to Randolph Cox will be appearing in She-Hulk. That’s right, he’ll show up not just as Matt Murdock but fully in his Daredevil costume! This is ironic since She-Hulk is a lawyer and this is the show they decide to have him suit up in.

So, let’s operate under the assumption that this could be true. What does that mean for the MCU, and how will they explain the Netflix universe off? Once we thought the Netflix shows were part of the MCU, but it was later said that was not the case.

Will they take the characters directly out of their respective shows, and act like they all happened? Or will it simply be the same actor, playing the same character but from a different universe? This is possible, as well.

The most likely scenario is a mix of both. Perhaps Marvel Studios will pull what they think works for their vision going forward, and discard the rest. Hopefully, we get some news about the supporting cast of Daredevil sooner rather than later.

So, Charlie Cox has 2 MCU appearances maybe. Are you excited?

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