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Someone Bought A Chicken Nugget For $100,000… Because It Looks Like An Among Us Character. We’re Not Kidding!

Published on June 4th, 2021 | Updated on June 5th, 2021 | By FanFest

Did you wake up today thinking you’d hear about a chicken nugget selling for $100,000? Neither did I, yet here we are. It seems an Among Us chicken nugget just sold for $100,000.

For the last few days, people have been talking about this nugget. It’s probably the most famous chicken nugget ever. Certainly the most expensive one, by far. Ever since this guy was posted on eBay it’s all people have been able to focus on.

The bidding ended early Friday morning with an exact price of $99,997. I know this is saying a lot but this is the most disappointed I’ve ever been in the human race, because… c’mon, it’s a chicken nugget.

According to the eBay listing the seller,  polizna, is now going to freeze the nugget and ship it out to the buyer through airmail. He also claims that, if requested, he’ll provide some Szechuan sauce from McDonald’s as well.

This whole nugget thing got so big that the official Among Us Twitter ended up posting about it. That certainly had to help get eyes on this now-famous chicken nugget. Well, we hope the buyer enjoys his nugget and Szechuan sauce.

Among Us memes have become incredibly widespread. Not many people knew about the game until it started blowing up last year. Since then, Among Us has become huge both on Twitch and just among casual fans.

The game has become so big recently that it’s been getting new content and is even coming to some consoles. Surely this is a glorious day to be alive, and we can’t wait to see Among Us on consoles.

Hopefully, we hear about this chicken nugget further down the line. I know that I, personally, would love to hear about what happens with it. Is the buyer going to eat it? Display it? Store it forever? Destroy it!?

We can only hope we get to find out, one day.



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