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Some Were Suprised That ‘Star Wars’ Came Back

Published on April 1st, 2016 | Updated on May 20th, 2016 | By FanFest

You read that right, some people were surprised. These people were Carrie Fisher, Mark Hamill and Harrison Ford. It seems that ‘The Secrets Of The Force Awakens‘ begins with these original stars being shocked about it coming back.

“I was astonished. It was the last thing in the world I expected,”Mark Hamill says, who portrayed Luke Skywalker again, even though it’s only in the last scene. “Part of me thought, ‘oh my God, no, it’s just a terrible idea. I had a beginning, middle and end, and I can’t really see anything that I could add to it.'”

But he wasn’t the only one that was surprised. “I was surprised,” Carrie Fisher said. “Really? We wanted this long? I looked better like ten years ago! we could’ve done it then!” I can’t believe she said this, she looked stunning anyway!

Harrison Ford also returned in the movie as Han Solo. He didn’t seem to happy for it at one point. But it seems that he rethought everything and saw potential in what they were doing. “At the end of the first three films we made, I had no thought whatsoever about revisiting the character, or whether there was any ambition to bring the three characters back. If I had been asked at the time, I probably wouldn’t have imagined the potential for it.”

Since it’s April 1 today, it’s a good time to buy Star Wars: The Force Awakens on Digital HD! Or if you still can wait a few more days, you can buy a DVD/Blu-ray copy on April 5!


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