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Solo at the Cinema – Shameful Secret or Socially Acceptable?

I do it. I make no apologies for it and I am not afraid to admit it. I sometimes go to the movies by myself. Yes, I have friends. Yes, I like to socialize. Why then would I ever go see a film alone? This is a question I get asked all the time. It is a question I posed to myself while driving, on my own, to see Annabelle: Creation last weekend. I know darn well there are others like me. And after an enlightening conversation with my fellow writers, I decided to share my own thoughts on this controversial topic. Here are my top 5 perks to hitting the theater all by myself.

  1. Sometimes I need to decompress. As a personal fitness trainer and amateur journalist, my life is all about interacting. Don’t get me wrong, I love what I do! It is nice though to simply be alone with my own thoughts. Driving to the theater while listening to my favorite tunes as I ponder the day is quite blissful. Having no one to distract my attention from the movie allows me to focus on the content with an open mind. I find it annoying when others try to force their preconceived opinions on me. I will form my own opinion… thank you.
  2. I adore my friends but sometimes we don’t like the same things. That’s ok. Our differences keep things fresh. That being said, it is not enjoyable to sit with someone that I know is completely uninterested in what is being shown. The entire time I am thinking how miserable they must be and that I will have to defend my taste in cinema to them later on. Tedious. God forbid they start asking questions during the movie. Please don’t be THAT person. I appreciate wanting to spend time together, but let’s do something we both enjoy.
  3. Popcorn. For me, it’s part of the experience. No, it will not ruin my dinner! Yes, I will still have it even if I have just eaten. If you are with me I will ask if you want popcorn too. If you say no, then no means no. It means no sticking your grubby paws into MY bag! If you want some, I will happily buy you your own bag. I take my popcorn very seriously. I simply do not understand the wishy-washy ways of deciding on popcorn. I will always want popcorn. Always. I refuse to defend my popcorn obsession any longer.
  4. I can choose my own time. Sometimes I don’t even plan it, I just go. No trying to coordinate, no worrying about people arriving late. When I pay for my ticket I want the whole experience, previews included! I do not want an earful of excuses as we are rushing to our seats. And, I enjoy seeing the biggest releases on opening weekend, prior to all the reviews that taint my expectations. It is much easier to secure a great seat for these blockbusters when purchasing a single ticket. Also, the best seat in the house for me will most likely not be the same for you.
  5. Generally speaking, I feel that doing things on your own builds strength and character. I no longer care if people judge me, they don’t know me. I remember feeling self-conscious the first time I went to the movies by myself, now I walk in with a swagger. Lol I love it!

So, let’s get rid of the stigma that going to the movies on your own is ‘not normal’. Who has the right to define what is normal anyhow?  Comic conventions, dining out, rock concerts… these are all experiences I’ve done by myself. Being on my own has opened my eyes to things I wouldn’t normally notice because I am free to explore my own happiness. It is doing things on my own that has ironically helped me to meet some incredible people. Perhaps next time I will even invite them to the movies. 😉

Do you enjoy the movies on your own? Tell us about it!