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Snoop Dogg Narrating Nature Videos is the Best Thing on the Internet

Published on July 30th, 2016 | Updated on July 30th, 2016 | By FanFest

Happy Fo-shizzle Saturday!  Today, we wanted to take a look back at what we think are some of the funniest videos on the internet, Snoop Dogg’s Plizzanet Earth.

About a year ago, Snoop Dogg became a trending sensation when he began hosting the mock-nature show as part of a segment on Jimmy Kimmel Live.  It’s just as hilarious as you would think.  Snoop Dogg, behind a desk, narrating along to some incredible animal videos.

The segment received such a positive response from fans that, a Facebook page was created and, there was even a petition created to get Snoop to actually narrate a full season of the BBC show, Planet Earth.  The petition received a backing of over 65,000 signatures with acknowledgment from Snoop himself on Instagram.  I’m not even the slightest bit embarrassed to say that, one of those signatures is mine!

Check out the Plizzanet Earth videos below.  You can see more videos on the Plizzanet Earth Facebook page or on the YouTube channel for Jimmy Kimmel Live.

“Whoa, they’re goin’ head up with it?  They ain’t scared of it! What IS these animals?!” Snoop asks during a video of some brave otters taking on a river crocodile:


In a second clip, Snoop mistakes some tropical tree frogs for a Geico (yes, he calls them Geicos, not geckos but Geico, like the insurance company):


In another video, Snoop’s hilarious impersonation of these baboons wading through a watering hole is EVERYTHING!  Watch his impression of their delicate walking techniques:


And in this clip, Snoop discusses animal survival technics while showing dramatic footage of a polar bear attacking a giant group of walruses:



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