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Smallville: Is Smallville Coming Back? Michael Rosenbaum Says He And Tom Welling Are Trying To Get Animated Series Smallville Season 11!

Published on May 3rd, 2021 | Updated on May 3rd, 2021 | By FanFest

It’s been ten years since Smallville ended its legendary run. These days it is easy to take Smallville for granted with all the superhero and comics book shows we have. Hell, we have an entire DC Universe that airs on the same network Smallville once did, The CW. The series has been missed since it ended, and we barely got to see its star Tom Welling be Superman. See, the star has some kind of issue with portraying Superman. According to people I’ve talked to who worked on the set he HATES the character. Still, the resurgence of the character’s popularity might be pushing him to reconsider… kind of. Could Smallville return? Well, according to Michael Rosenbaum it’s possible! Rosenbaum did a live video on Instagram, where he revealed some surprising news. He and Tom Welling might be trying to get the show to come back… as an animated series!  Is Smallville coming back!? We hope so!

No Tights No Flight

“Well, Tom Welling and I had the idea of Smallville returning as an animated series, so we’ll see if it ever happens but, uh, we’ll try and get that going.”

I’m sure that Rosenbaum and Welling aren’t oblivious to how popular superhero series have gotten since Smallville ended. It’s not just mainstream heroes from DC or Marvel either. The Boys on Amazon Prime is incredibly popular. As is Invincible, which airs at the same spot. Both of those are far bloodier than anything we’ve seen from DC or Marvel for sure, though. Harley Quinn is an example of a DC animated series that’s had tremendous success. A Smallville animated series wouldn’t just be an incredibly smart movie, it would actually fit right in. Between Harley Quinn and Young Justice, it could really round out those shows. Not to mention people would watch it on Nostalgia alone.

How do you feel? Would you like it if it happened? IS Smallville coming back? Only time will tell.


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