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Sir Patrick Stewart Vows to #GetTough After Helping His Foster Pit Bull Find Her Forever Home

Published on April 9th, 2017 | Updated on April 9th, 2017 | By FanFest

In early March, Sir Patrick Stewart (and the internet) absolutely fell head over paws in love with the new lady in his life, a pit bull named Ginger.  Thanks to the non-profit, Wags and Walks, Ginger was able to live, temporarily, with Stewart and his wife Sunny Ozell in Los Angeles while the pup continued to search for her forever home.   Immediately, it was apparent that Stewart and Ginger had a unique and loving relationship.

Soon, Stewart added video after video after video of adorableness, showering Ginger with lots of love, kisses, pets and snuggles.  His attachment to his new best fur-friend was clearly evident and, many fans hoped that Stewart and Ozell would permanently adopt Ginger since the whole family seemed to be perfectly matched.

In a recent interview with People, Stewart explained why he was unable to adopt his new best friend.  In the U.K., where Stewart lives for a good portion of the year, there is an unfortunate law which is preventing them from being able to adopt Ginger.  Breed Specific Legislation (BSL) is a law that bans or restricts certain types of dogs based on their appearance, usually because they are perceived as “dangerous” breeds or types of dogs.  Clearly, as we can see from Stewart’s many social media posts, Ginger is nothing but a mush however, he could not risk her life and safety by bringing her home to England with him.

Luckily, just last Tuesday, Ozell posted to her Facebook page that Ginger had been adopted!!  This was, no doubt, a bittersweet day for Ozell and Stewart since it meant saying goodbye to their new found friend but, it also meant that Ginger will live out her days with a loving family in a safe forever home.  And, of course, there would be frequent visits from her foster parents as well!

Based on Ozell’s post, it certainly sounds like the couple will continue to advocate for the breed and, perhaps, continue to rescue pups from uncertain fates in the shelters by fostering.  One thing is for sure, Ginger has left a huge, heart-shape impression on both of their lives forever.

Stewart has now teamed up with The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) on the non-profit’s #GetTough on Dogfighting campaign which kicked off on April 8th.  The campaign encourages supporters to take a stand against dogfighting by signing a pledge, sharing a selfie (using the hashtag #GetTough) and/or making a donation.  Through his partnership with the ASPCA, Stewart is proudly sharing his love for the pit bull breed with the world.  As if we needed more reasons to adore Sir Patrick Stewart!

For more information on the #GetTough on Dogfighting Campaign, visit the ASPCA’s Campaign Page.

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