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Shane Returns to ‘The Walking Dead’, Jokes About Judith

Published on November 4th, 2018 | Updated on November 4th, 2018 | By FanFest

Rick Grimes’ final episode of The Walking Dead is here, and one of the most anticipated cameos has happened.

As a dangerously injured Rick limps around trying to flee a herd of walkers who just can’t seem to catch up to him, he falls in an out of flashbacks mixed with dreams.

Not only was Shane back in this episode, but he was back in the cop car with Rick, eating burgers and joking around.

They talk in the car as they face the wreck we initially saw them dispatch to before Rick’s initial coma. Rick says he’s looking for his family. At one point Shane asks about Judith.

“Oh, is that what you’re doing? Looking for your family, huh? See, that’s not entirely true. One could argue it’s my family you’re looking for, right? How is my baby girl, by the way? Got my eyes, doesn’t she?”

Rick laughs. “She hasn’t got your nose,”

“Good thing she ain’t got my nose, man.”

“You’re such an a–hole.”

“Yes I am, yes I am! I am the a–hole. Same as you really. I don’t think a thing, really, I know you’re an a–hole. I like to take credit for that actually, Rick, when I think about it. I’m sure others did influence you but I’d like to take credit for it.”

“I didn’t want it, you know that,”

This is big for fans who were watching when Shane and Lori had their affair when they thought Rick had died in season one. Rick has previously admitted to Michonne that he knows it was Shane’s baby. It’s fun to see Shane say that out loud.

After they joke about Judith, the focus turns to when Rick put Shane down in the field.

“Boy, that s— you did in that field. That’s you and me. You took a page out of my book Rick. I’m glad you did it. Stepped up brother.”
“It had to be me, It still has to be me.” Rick says.

Rick, I want you to think about how you bit that piece of s—‘s throat out. A–hole in the church with the red machete. That is what I’m talking about, that’s the s— that I need from you that I always knew you had in you. I knew you had it in you.”

“It’s time. Kneel down. Dig deep, find it, Rick. The rage, the hatred, find it. The loyalty, it’s in there, find it…It’s the only way this gets done and it has to.”
“I’m sorry for what I did to you,” Rick apologizes again.
“You need to forget that s—,” Shane says before he tells Rick to wake up.

What did you think of Shane’s return to the series? Did you like what they did with the conversation between the two?


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