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Seth Rogen HATED Working On Dr Dolittle Says It Felt Like A Scam!

Published on May 4th, 2021 | Updated on May 4th, 2021 | By FanFest

Dr. Dolittle was one of the worst movies the year it came out, which is no surprise. Did you see it? It was honestly terrible. It came out three weeks in January and it’s still going to reportedly lose Universal $100 million! If I were Universal I would be freaking livid. It’s hard to believe Robert Downey Jr. was attached to the project at all, much less starred in it. What’s weird is that Dr. Dolittle is still one of the highest-grossing films of 2020, due to the time it was released. Man, think about that. There also a ton of rumors in regards to Robert Downey Jr. and the project but we’re not here to discuss those. Instead, I want to talk about Seth Rogen for a moment.

As it became clear behind the scenes that the movie wasn’t going to be particularly… good they brought on a ton of talent to try and save it. This is where Seth Rogen comes in! It’s from a recent interview that Rogen reflects on his time working on Dolittle.

“Some movies are like scams. It’s like buying blueprints to a house that looks nice, but when you try to actually build the house it doesn’t stand up properly. That is a thing that happens with films and I recognize it sometimes. Where I will see a movie and be like, ‘Oh they lied, whoever wrote and directed this movie lied’. They made it seem like they were selling the studio an actual, functional film but they did not. They sold them like the schematics of a movie that when built does not hold up to stress testing. I’ll only say this because it was reported, and I’m going to tread lightly because I am close with many of the people involved, but I did that on the Dr. Dolittle film.”

Sounds like it was kind of a nightmare.


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