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Ms. Marvel: Set Photos Reveal Kamala Khan In Full Costume! – Iman Vellani Looks Amazing!

Ms. Marvel is undoubtedly one of the more anticipated Disney+ shows. She’s a relatively new superhero but she’s grown in popularity exponentially. Since her debut she’s become a fan favorite for a huge number of reasons. She was also the star of the Marvel’s Avengers game, and her character was one that was praised the most in the story. One interesting fact is that she is canonically an Inhuman and they have yet to be introduced in the MCU. Unless the Inhumans show is still canon, which I don’t think it is. Either way, fans have been waiting forever to get a glimpse at her MCU costume. Well, I have some awesome news for you. Set photos reveal Kamala Khan’s full costume! What’s even more exciting is the fact that Iman Vellani looks amazing! Like Kamala jumped right out of the comic book! photos reveal Kamala khan

Just Jared revealed some photos of the set and they’re nothing short of amazing! If you’re a Ms. Marvel fan you’re in for one hell of a treat today. I left one of the tweets above but you should really check out the website. He has a TON of photos up. Vellani looks like she’s just having a blast. How can you blame her? She MUST be having a great time. Not to mention, if you’re a fan of Ms. Marvel you’re going to love the suit. It’s incredibly comic book accurate down to the red and blue scheme and even the sash. Even the mask is there! She’s going to fit right in with the rest of the MCU.

If you’re not familiar with the source material let me help you out a little. Ms. Marvel is the story of Captain Marvel’s biggest fan. She undergoes Terrigenesis and acquires superpowers. She can control her size and stretch her body. She becomes the superhero of New Jersey, and her Muslim heritage plays a role as well. The comics are pretty amazing and if you haven’t read them I recommend giving them a shot. the full costume of Kamala khan 

We know that Khan will be interacting with Carl Danvers in the Captain Marvel sequel! photos reveal Kamala khan

Are you excited about the suit? Let us know in the comments!

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