‘Seinfeld’ Star Jason Alexander Found His Doppelgänger and It’s Not Quite What We Expected

We’ve all hear about the theory that says every person on Earth has a doppelgänger somewhere else in the world.  Somewhere, walking around in this world is another person who looks exactly like you!  We’ve even seen proof of this theory when Scarlett Johansson found her 72-year-old look alike or how about these awesomely hilarious animal/celebrity doppelgänger?  Your look alike could be anywhere in the world and, if you’re lucky, you’ll get the simple pleasure of finding that person (or animal as the case may be).

Last week, Jason Alexander, who played George on the 90s comedy Seinfeld was lucky enough to discover his doppelgänger but, it wasn’t quite what he had expected.  As fate would have it, Alexander’s doppelgänger is a store mannequin.  And it’s not just any store mannequin but one that just so happens to be modeling men’s underwear.

Yup!  It’s totally fitting that George from Seinfeld would find his doppelgänger in a men’s underwear model mannequin, isn’t it?  And, seriously, the resemblance is uncanny!  Check out the tweet from Alexander’s twitter account below which shows the photo of his look alike mannequin:


Pretty spot on, right?  Of course, the internet LOVED the tweet shared by Alexander and hilarity ensued. Check it out:






What do you think of the Jason Alexander doppelgänger mannequin?  Do you see the resemblance?  Let us know what you think in the comment section below.