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See the Trailer for ‘Marshall’ Starring Chadwick Boseman

Published on June 23rd, 2017 | Updated on June 23rd, 2017 | By FanFest

Chadwick Boseman is an incredibly busy guy, with Black Panther coming out this year and filming for Avengers: Infinity War with a 2018 release. He’s got a lot on his plate playing a superhero. Another thing Chadwick is is motivated, so it comes as truly no surprise to us that he also took on another very important role for a film set to be released later this year.

The film title is Marshall and the film focuses on the first African-American Supreme Court Justice, Thurgood Marshall. Not only was Marshall the first African-American Supreme Court Justice, he is also well known for his victory in Brown v. Board Of Education which ruled that segregated schools were unconstitutional.

Marshall once said, ‘You do what you think is right and let the law catch up.

Taking on a role like that was something that Boseman was excited to do. He told Kimmel on June 22nd that he wasn’t sure if he’d be playing anymore ‘real’ roles in films but after he read the script for Marshall, he couldn’t turn it down.

The trailer for the film debuted yesterday and we have to say, we’re very glad he took on this film. He’s made for the part and you can see, in the trailer below, that he not only did his research, but made sure that his focus was on showing the man that Marshall truly was, and the positive advances he made in the United States.

The trailer says that Marshall was simply a man on a mission and focuses on his life heavily surrounding one of his career-defining cases; The Greenwich case. A man, Joseph Spell, was accused of the rape of Ellie Strubing but the case, specifically Mrs. Strubing’s behavior was hard to understand and it didn’t take long for the jury to find out why.

The case is an important one in Marshall’s history because it showed his dedication to clients, not just in the big cases that brought change but in the cases that simply ensured freedom for those who were wrongfully accused.

The film will hit theaters on October 13th and the all-star cast also consists of Josh Gad and Sterling K. Brown as well as Kate Hudson.

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