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See the new Shark Week Promo Featuring Seal

Around this time every year, people start preparing for a few things; vacation time, trips to the beach, oh… and Shark Week. Discovery hosts the week full of television shows where the main attractions are some of the most interesting and terrifying animals to ever exist – sharks.

Each year, the countdown hosts some promo videos that show just what sharks are capable of – and they have a humorous twist. One of the 2013 promo videos is still one of the most talked about Shark Week promo videos ever. It shows a seal’s return to the water…well, it’s almost return.

It’s a bad week to be a seal, the video said. 

Some of Shark Week’s best from Great White Shark: Uncaged to Megalodon: The Monster Shark Lives are both informative and for entertainment purposes. Even Shark Week’s franchise Air Jaws captivates viewers, although, it’s hard to say which episodes are bad – once you start Shark Week, you have to finish it, and it’s not a chore to do so.

Some of our favorites from 2016 are Tiger Beach, Shallow Water Invasion, Jaws of the Deep, and Air Jaws: Nightstalker and while Discovery hasn’t released a schedule for 2017 yet, we did just see the first promo video and we are in love with it. We’re also giving major props to Seal for being part of it.

It’s still a bad week to be a Seal. 

This promo video is probably our favorite if we’re being honest. We love a good play on words and Seal being a good sport about it is hilarious. Plus, we still love that song too. It’s such a jam.

While we wait for Shark Week, beginning July 23rd, we did learn something else. In select theaters across the US this summer, there will be a special event called Discovery’s Shark Week at the Movies. You can buy tickets, starting tomorrow, here for the event.

Are you counting down the days for Shark Week? What’s been your favorite episode so far?

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