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See 5 of Sterling K. Brown’s Best ‘Saturday Night Live’ Skits

Published on March 11th, 2018 | Updated on March 11th, 2018 | By FanFest

When we canceled our weekend plans to watch Sterling K. Brown host Saturday Night Live, we knew we were making an incredible decision. Not only is he a talented and enchanting actor, he’s fierce and compassionate and kind off-set too.

So his time as a guest on SNL was one we all eagerly anticipated and he blew us out of the water. Not that we were surprised. He’s currently involved with one of pop culture’s most beautiful television series’ of all time, in one of the biggest films ever – not just in the superhero genre – and he still finds the time to embrace what it means to be a huge source of inspiration for his fans.

We have to admit, it was nice to be able to watch him on television for an hour without crying. Last night, we tuned in knowing we’d be laughing and the only tears we did shed were happy ones. His comedic genius is evident in every single skit. From a new fiance with a chip on his shoulder about his favorite movie to ‘Doctor Love’ – he had us in stitches in each scene. We see (or, at least, we’d like to) a recurring guest role in his future on SNL.

Dying Mrs. Gomez

For all you Nickelback lovers out there, this one was for you. Mrs. Gomez has some dying last words for her friends and family and it comes in the form of an unexpected song.

Deleted ‘Black Panther’ Scene

News broke that Black Panther has officially hit the $1 billion mark at US box offices and Saturday Night Live celebrated the news with a deleted scene from the movie.

This Is U.S

An emotional play on This Is Us had to be part of the show, so This Is U.S was born. A ‘real-life drama happening in our government every day’ was the tagline for this skit, and Sterling totally embraced his role.

Dr. Love

This doctor had more in store than the patient could have imagined when he walked into his appointment, but it ended up for the best. Going in with an…unfortunate problem and leaving with a change of heart. Only possible with Dr. Love.

Family Dinner

Everyone has that one movie or series that they’d defend against anything. In this scene, Sterling just happens to be playing a big Shrek fan. Actually…big might be an understatement.

Which skit was your favorite from last night’s Saturday Night Live? Let us know.


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