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Secret Invasion Premiere Episode Begins with Shocking Death

Published on June 21st, 2023 | Updated on June 21st, 2023 | By FanFest

Secret Invasion Premiere Features Major MCU Death and a Darker Tone

Spoilers Ahead

The first episode of Marvel’s Secret Invasion premiered on Disney+ on Wednesday, and it wasted no time setting the tone for the series. The episode featured a major MCU death, as well as some graphic violence, that has fans talking.

Secret Invasion Star Cobie Smulders Says Fans Will See Nick Fury And Maria Hill In New Light

Maria Hill Killed in Action

In the episode’s finale, Nick Fury, Maria Hill, and Talos were tracking a group of Skrulls who were potentially carrying bombs. The Skrulls detonated the bombs in a crowded square, killing many people and causing chaos.

As Hill was trying to stop the Skrulls, she met up with someone who she thought was Fury. However, it was actually a Skrull in disguise. The Skrull shot Hill, and she died instantly.

Hill’s death was a major shock for fans, as she has been a part of the MCU since The Avengers in 2012. It is unclear if Hill will be resurrected or if this is truly the end of her story.

A Darker MCU

In addition to Hill’s death, the first episode of Secret Invasion also featured some graphic violence. This is a departure from the usual tone of the MCU, which is typically more lighthearted.

Director Ali Selim has said that Secret Invasion is meant to be a darker, more adult entry in the MCU. He has said that he was encouraged by Kevin Feige and Marvel Studios to “go for the violence” and “tell the story in the best way possible.”

The Future of Secret Invasion

The first episode of Secret Invasion has certainly left fans wanting more. The episode ended with a major cliffhanger, and it is unclear what will happen next.

The series will continue to explore the Skrull invasion, and it will also introduce some new characters to the MCU. Fans will have to wait and see how the story unfolds.

Other Notable Moments

In addition to Hill’s death, there were a few other notable moments in the first episode of Secret Invasion.

  • We saw Nick Fury in a new light. He was more vulnerable and less in control than we have ever seen him before.
  • We met Talos, a Skrull who is posing as Fury. Talos is a complex character, and it will be interesting to see how he develops throughout the series.
  • We got a glimpse of the Skrull invasion. The Skrulls have been infiltrating Earth for years, and they are now in positions of power.

Overall, the first episode of Secret Invasion was a strong start to the series. It was dark, suspenseful, and full of surprises. Fans will be eager to see what happens next.

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