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Sebastian Stan talks ‘I, Tonya’ on Good Morning America

Published on December 2nd, 2017 | Updated on December 2nd, 2017 | By FanFest

We are just days away from the theater debut of I, Tonya and it’s most definitely on the must-see list of many as 2017 comes to an end. The film is a mockumentary that tells the story of Tonya Harding. From her childhood to adulthood, her marriage with Jeff Gillooly, and the rivalry turned tragedy that existed between herself and Nancy Kerrigan.

Margot Robbie, who as previews show, has taken on the role of Harding with total dedication and determination steals the show in promo for I, Tonya. However, there’s one other stand out in the trailers and that is Sebastian Stan as Harding’s husband.

Sebastian sat down with GMA this week and discussed the film and what went into the making of it and how he mastered the role that made a big impact on viewers at the TIFF earlier this year.

When Sebastian took on the role of Gillooly, he wanted to get a few things right. First – he wanted to hear him talk, second – he needed to get some information on missed periods of his life, namely his childhood and where he’s at now. Last, but definitely not least, Sebastian needed to see him smile.

Sebastian talked about meeting Gillooly and how it definitely wasn’t the kind of situation where they celebrated the idea of the movie. However, he did help Sebastian piece together some important parts of his life – he was helpful, just sort of overwhelmed with the idea that his life was being made into a movie.

Of course, Sebastian’s facial hair in the film was mentioned too. That mustache really is something else. They also discussed Mark Hamill and Avengers: Infinity War too. The interview in full can be seen above and I, Tonya hits theaters on December 8th.


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