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Sebastian Stan Sends Message to his ‘Dad’ Mark Hamill on GMA

Photo Credit: TIFF Portrait Studio

For some time now, fans have been pointing out that Sebastian Stan and Mark Hamill have some very similar facial features. In fact, if you didn’t know better, you might look at photos of the pair and think they were family.

Some fans caught onto this and took it a step farther. Upon finding old photos of Mark Hammil and comparing them to Sebastian, they said Mark looked like his father, and it’s been a continued idea for some time. Mark even tweeted fans about the fact that Sebastian didn’t call him to wish him a happy Father’s Day.

He went on to acknowledge, just two months ago, that he wasn’t going to say ‘Sebastian Stan – I am your father.’

Even though he is.

It’s been a more focused joke since then, and with the two appearing back to back on GMA, the conversation obviously made it to main stream tv.

On Wednesday, Stan spoke about the resemblance and said he hoped Hamill didn’t feel, for a lack of better words, frustrated that it was being brought up in interviews when he was promoting his own movie. Stan laughed about it though and even joked that he should have switched dates to be there the same time as Hamill.

Wouldnt that have been a treat?

Alas, they were in the studio on consecutive mornings instead of the same but Stan did leave Hamill a message on GMA. We have to say, it’s one of our favorite things, seriously, he said he got items on their grocery list.

Hamill went on to say that Stan would be an awesome choice to play a young Luke Skywalker, though it wasn’t his choice and he couldn’t really go all out for one specific actor. He also said he was an incredible actor and that he’d love to play his father any day.

Guess we’ll see what the future holds. Even if it’s not a Star Wars film, we’d love to see these two together on screen. Maybe even a good old fashioned family comedy, but less old fashioned and more like Daddy’s Home.