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Sebastian Stan on Tom Hiddleston’s ‘I Heart TS’ Shirt

Published on May 10th, 2018 | Updated on May 12th, 2018 | By FanFest

While Bucky Barnes may have only clocked in 2 minutes of Avengers: Infinity War screen time – yes, he deserved better – he is one of the most talked about MCU stars.

He’s talented, compassionate, incredible to his fans, and we can’t forget (like we actually can’t forget it) that he’s incredibly easy on the eyes. So with Infinity War promo came some awesome interview opportunities.

Sebastian recently had a chat with Andy Cohen and during the after show a fan phoned in with a very important question.

What exactly did Sebastian Stan think of that whole Tom Hiddleston and Taylor Swift thing? Specifically that day where he frolicked about in an ‘I heart TS’ tank top?

Now, we have to be honest. If Tom Hiddleston or Sebastian Stan were our men, we’d rock an ‘I Heart TH or I Heart SS’ tank top. That’s  a very different ballgame though.

You can see Sebastian and Tom in Avengers: Infinity War now.


as seen on promo graphic


as seen on promo graphic