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Sebastian Stan on the ‘Unknown Time Period’ of the Winter Soldier

Published on February 12th, 2018 | Updated on February 12th, 2018 | By FanFest

When Sebastian Stan took the stage at Wizard World St. Louis it was to a crowded auditorium. Fans had been waiting patiently for their opportunity to ask him anything. Well, almost anything. We had to pretend like Avengers: Infinity War just didn’t exist. You know, Marvel and their secrets.

However, fans were allowed to ask about Bucky and the Winter Soldier as we know him up to this point, and the questions were good ones. One, so much so, that it was easily his favorite question, too.

Before we get to that, you have to envision a particularly heartbreaking quote.

A simple: ‘but I knew him’.

That quote is important because of Sebastian’s answer to the question the fan asked. Especially since it was said as a soldier who was trained for destruction with no recollection of any other life, something grounded him to Bucky, to that kid from Brooklyn.

So what’s the question? What the difference was in preparation between playing Bucky and the Winter Soldier, and which Sebastian liked more.

When you see the Winter Soldier in Captain America: Winter Soldier, it’s actually in my opinion, at the tail end of his arc. You have to remember, there’s this whole time period – and he does have a storyline with Black Widow, I don’t care what anybody says – and that whole thing. When he is resurrected it’s like Jason Bourne.

He went on to explain that the Winter Soldier didn’t know he was Bucky Barnes when he was ‘resurrected.’ He lived as the Winter Soldier, he wasn’t a shell of a man, nor was he lost somewhere in between. He was simply the Winter Soldier.

He has no idea he was someone else, no idea he was Bucky Barnes and all that. He actually had a whole life as the Winter Soldier where he spoke and was more interacting…where he met Black Widow in the red room and the whole thing happened. None of that we’ve seen.

What happened is the more they used him and used the flashbacks they kind of kept brainwashing him which is why he becomes more and more robotic as time went by. We’ve never seen him as the actual Winter Soldier and that…I would love to play one day. That version of him, we’ve never seen.

That unseen version is one that Sebastian is – obviously – very excited about and one that we’d love to see more of. Bringing that story to the big screen with the passion that he has would give Bucky the spotlight that he deserves. He’s easily one of the most complex characters in the MCU and we’re just beginning to uncover the layers that exist there.

You can see Sebastian Stan in Avengers: Infinity War on May 4th.



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