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Sebastian Stan on ‘I, Tonya’, Bucky Barnes, and Examining Masculinity

Published on December 14th, 2017 | Updated on December 14th, 2017 | By FanFest

While he’s always been a personal favorite of ours, Sebastian Stan is currently one of Hollywood’s ‘It Men’. He sat down with Esquire recently to talk about his most recent film role, his place in the MCU, and that Star Wars meme turned fan favorite idea.

His role in the incredible film, I, Tonya sees him take on the role of Harding’s then husband, who was a major player in the whack heard round the world.

You know, that infamous Nancy Kerrigan attack.

While the film relies heavily on that storyline, the lives of Gillooly and Harding are examined both before the attack and after. Which leaves room to highlight the relationship between the two. Harding claimed it was volatile and abusive while Gillooly claimed she was selfish and controlling.

Watching the power struggle play out on screen will inevitably lead to big, and dark, moments between the two. Showcasing new sides of their talent.

When taking on the role of Gillooly, he embraced it to a degree in which he gave himself to the character completely. So much so that when he went to a bar in Atlanta to hang out with his cast mates, who are also his close friends, no one recognized him.

‘I went and stood in the center of where everyone was hanging out and I realized that no one recognized me. I had this haircut that was really high, a mustache and no sideburns, and I was very pale. I stood there for a minute before I went up to someone and was like, ‘Hey, it’s me.’

This kind of dedication is what Stan gives to all of his characters and the kind of dedication that’s finally bringing him the recognition he’s long deserved.

He also spoke about what playing Gillooly meant to him, especially in society today where men are being held more accountable for their actions than ever before.

‘It would be a very lonely world if you, as a man, had to resort to that kind of behavior in order to feel value, in order to feel like you’re taken seriously. It’s cowardly. It’s clear to me that only someone who feels extremely emasculated could possibly behave like that. What does it say about masculinity? Now is the time more than ever for us to review what masculinity is about. Violence has always been unfortunately embedded in masculinity, this alpha thing. It’s more complicated than that.’

He hits the nail on the head, the strongest part of masculinity has nothing to do with violence proving value.

Of course, Stan spoke about his role as Bucky Barnes as well. A big part of the MCU, Bucky embodies the internal struggle between who you are and who the world tries to make you. Not a villain, just a man lost within himself.

When asked about a Bucky Barnes solo movie, well, of course he’d be on board.

‘I don’t know when—knock on wood—that would be an amazing experience. I’d  be up for it whenever. There’s definitely a lot there to be explored. It’s fun, and the guy has got some identity issues.’

So, if you need us, we’ll be pitching that idea to whoever will listen.

Oh, and we are totally on board with Stan as a young (or middle aged) Luke Skywalker, as is Mark Hamill.

I feel like I have some sort of his blessing. I didn’t even realize it actually, I used to love Luke Skywalker when I was younger. Then a friend said to me, they’ve already done young Luke Skywalker, so you would be middle-aged Luke Skywalker.’

Here’s to the future, it’s looking very bright for Stan.


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