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Sebastian Stan on his Reaction to Finding out Bucky’s ‘Infinity War’ Fate

Published on May 22nd, 2018 | Updated on May 22nd, 2018 | By FanFest

If you haven’t seen Avengers: Infinity War yet, we recommend not reading any further. There are spoilers that follow.

With Avengers: Infinity War came the return of a Marvel Studios favorite, Bucky Barnes. While his time on camera was short, his impact was massive. From preparing for battle again, after finding a realm of at least some solitude to fighting alongside heroes and friends, Bucky answered the call.

Another massive impact of Bucky’s came in the form of his interaction with Steve Rogers, especially his last word. While their reunion was a highlight of the movie, that last moment was heartbreaking.

During a Wizard World panel, Sebastian Stan discussed his reaction to finding out Bucky’s fate. It was…very fitting considering Sebastian’s personality.

The news first came from one of his stuntmen, James Young.

‘I remember the day on set and James Young, who is one of my talented, glorious stuntmen … on this film, came up to me and told me what was happening.’

Young told Stan that he was going to fall on top of a mat, disappearing from existence directly after. He said that the Russo’s would explain it more from there.

Sebastian’s response?

‘Oh, OK.’

Later on, Anthony was talking to everyone and Stan had a lot of questions but wasn’t really sure how to ask.

‘I was like, ‘maybe this is it.’ And I remember Anthony was talking to everybody, and I was like, ‘Anthony, do- OK, I’ll wait. Uh, do- am I- uh, is this it?’

Anthony’s response was simple, and totally in

‘He was like ‘No, well, you know, maybe. But not really. Well, I don’t know.’ So, that’s the way that day went.’

With all the secrets surrounding the movie, we can’t imagine how hard it was being on set during filming. It really paid off though and proved the dedication that everyone on set has to tell the story of these characters.

Avengers: Infinity War is in theaters, now.


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