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Sebastian Stan and Don Saladino on the ‘Winter Soldier’s Fitness Journey

Published on April 19th, 2018 | Updated on April 19th, 2018 | By FanFest

With just days until the Avengers: Infinity War premiere, fans are learning more about what it took to make a film as massive and incredible as this one. From long days on set to reading fake scripts, and never really knowing what you’re up against – the cast had a lot to balance this time around.

One thing that never really changes is what it takes to become a Marvel hero, and it begins long before the cameras start rolling. With a physically demanding job comes the need for a strength and endurance. Especially when you’re Bucky Barnes.

Sebastian Stan has worked with trainer and friend Don Saladino since The Winter Soldier and they recently discussed their journey together.

For Sebastian, motivation was simple, especially at first. He was going to be shirtless a lot and he wanted to look good naked. Honestly, what better push do you need?

When Civil War rolled around, he knew the other heroes on set were going to be ‘massive’. While he still wanted to look good, he also wanted to get thick. As memes in the fandom show, we think he succeeded in that quest.

Don talks about functionality and how it’s always been a focal point for his training with Sebastian. Functionality and energy. If they stay in focus, everything else will be great. When you think about the endurance it takes to be on any film, but especially a superhero movie, you’ll understand why. He has to be, not only prepared, to be on set filming long hours in the heat. He has to make it look effortless.

Once again, fans of Sebastian will say that he makes it all look easy.

You can see more of the interview on Don’s PlayBook App as well as an article in Men’s Journal. Don discusses that training with Sebastian really focused on grip and strength as well as carry and kettlebell work.

Who doesn’t want arms like the Winter Solder? We know what workouts we’ll be hitting tonight.

You can see Sebastian Stan in Avengers: Infinity War on April 27th.


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