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Season 2 of ‘This Is Us’ will Confront ‘A lot of Jack Stuff’

As the premiere date for season 2 of This Is Us draws closer, fans get more anxious and excited for the content of the upcoming episodes. The first season gave viewers something no series has been able to sum up quite so perfectly before – the fact that love truly makes the difference – even when it happens in unexpected ways, faces unfathomable obstacles and changes you in ways you never expected.

Now, we’re not saying that those sentiments have never been addressed in entertainment, but it’s never happened in the same capacity that it does on This Is Us. We’ve seen a couple, faced with unspeakable pain, who found it in their hearts to grow and to nourish instead of shutting down and giving up. We’ve seen a woman love a man with a love that matters and a man love a woman with a love that transcends. We’ve seen a biological father return to his son’s life, build incredible memories, and end his time on earth and we’ve seen that son struggle, but ultimately, come away with even more love.

We see battles of self. Self-worth and self-love. We see characters struggle with who they are and what that means to the world at the same time that we see the world bring them more pain than pleasure. It’s a series for everyone with a character every single viewer can find themselves in.

It also addresses death, and one death specifically has wrecked fans since they learned of the loss. Jack Pearson passed away, his wife is married to his old best friend, and his kids are all struggling with that in their own ways. A lot of questions were left unanswered at the end of season 1 and it’s been confirmed that some of them will be answered in season 2.

One of the big ones? What happened to Jack? Well, Dan Fogelman told Us Weekly that the question will be addressed in the upcoming episodes – whether we’re ready or not.

A lot of Jack stuff is coming. I keep saying, towards the end of the first episode, there’s a big piece of the puzzle that gets put out there. And in the course of the second season, I think all the questions that everybody’s asking right now are going to be answered.’

In addition to Jack’s story, we’ll see more about Kate’s relationship with Rebecca and even some information about Kevin that Fogelman said will be surprising.

Are you as excited as we are for This Is Us season 2? Let us know.