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Search Resumes for Missing Actor Julian Sands’, Family Speaks Out

Published on June 22nd, 2023 | Updated on June 22nd, 2023 | By FanFest

Julian Sands‘ relatives have broken their silence after the actor went missing while on a hiking trip in January, marking the first time they have spoken publicly in months.

“We are deeply appreciative of the search teams and coordinators who have shown unwavering dedication in their efforts to locate Julian,” stated the family on Twitter.

The family’s statement continued, “We continue to cherish Julian in our hearts, remembering him as an exceptional father, husband, adventurer, nature enthusiast, and artist who brought originality and collaboration to his performances.”

Julian Sands’ brother had previously shared his farewell to the actor.

“I have come to accept that he is no longer with us, and that’s how I’ve coped with it,” Nick Sands revealed in an interview with the BBC in late January. “Although we are still hopeful, I have mentally acknowledged his absence and bid my farewells.”

Search Resumes for Missing Actor Julian Sands', Family Speaks Out

Julian Sands disappeared on January 13 after failing to return from his hike on Mount Baldy in California. On June 17, the police recommenced their search for the missing actor.

According to a statement released by the authorities, the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department conducted a search on Saturday, involving over 80 volunteers from search and rescue teams. Despite their efforts, Sands was not found, and the police indicated that certain areas of the mountain “remain inaccessible due to extreme alpine conditions,” including ravines with over 10 feet of snow despite the warmer weather. The sheriff’s department stated, “Mr. Sands’ missing person case is still active, and search operations will continue to a limited extent.” The San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department clarified to Fox News Digital that the search remains a rescue operation and has not transitioned to a recovery mission.

At the end of February and into March, a series of intense storms struck the San Bernardino Mountains. Shortly before their arrival, the National Weather Service issued its inaugural blizzard warning for the region. After the rare weather phenomenon subsided, the mountain communities were blanketed in nearly 10 feet of snow. Roads were closed, residents endured days without power, and authorities reported 13 deaths under investigation, with only one directly linked to the weather.

Julian Sands has gained recognition for his performances in films such as “The Killing Fields,” “A Room With A View,” “Leaving Las Vegas,” and “Warlock.” He has also appeared in “Ocean’s 13,” “The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo,” “Arachnophobia,” “Boxing Helena,” and “Medallion.” The British actor shares two daughters with his wife, Evgenia Citkowitz. Additionally, he has a son from a previous marriage

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