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SDCC: Stephen Amell and David Ramsey Talk Season 6 of ‘Arrow’

Published on July 27th, 2017 | Updated on July 27th, 2017 | By FanFest

Season 5 of the CW hit series Arrow sure ended with a bang!  The explosive final episode left the fates of all of our favorite characters hanging in the balance of a season cliffhanger and we are left wondering – who survived that island explosion?  How will this impact Team Arrow going forward?  What the heck is going to happen in season 6?

During San Diego Comic-Con, we had the chance to sit down with series stars Stephen Amell (Oliver Queen) and David Ramsey (John Diggle) who shared some dirt with us regarding season 6.

We asked Stephen Amell if he could tell us anything about the upcoming season 6 of Arrow.  Amell excitedly answered with a bright smile, a head nod and a confident, “Sure!” And then silence.  Quickly realizing that no further information would follow that one-word answer, we followed up by asking what, if anything, could he tease regarding the upcoming season.  Amell answered with the following:

“The only thing I can tease is that, in episode 6.01 we flash back to the immediate aftermath of 5.23.”

David Ramsey also confirmed that we will get to see that immediate impact straight from the first episode of season 6 and, he teased that this will all have some serious effects on Diggle:

“The exposure effects all of us.  It specifically effects Diggle in an emotional and physical way that’s going to play out throughout the season.   There’s a long lasting effect after what happens on the island for him that impacts him and it begins in 6.01.  We flash back.  We see the explosion and we see exactly what happens.”

Season 6 picks up immediately following the explosion about which Felicity tried to warn Oliver.  Is it possible that Felicity won’t survive the island blast?  We need to know what this all means for the future of Olicity!  When asked how the season 5 finale will impact Oliver and Felicity’s relationship and what kind of place we will see them in during season 6. Amell replied:

“Did she live? Assuming she lived, they are in a tremendous place.  William is a thing, in a good way but, William is a thing.”

Amell’s answer plays perfectly into the fact that, when we asked Ramsey about the overall theme of season 6, he told us, “The theme is family.”  Amell elaborated further on working with Jack Moore who plays William Clayborn (Oliver and Samantha’s son) on the series.  Amell told us about the first time they had a real scene together:

“We haven’t seen Oliver as a dad.  And not only that but as a struggling dad.  I was incredibly nervous after reading 6.01 because Jack [Moore] who plays William, he and I had never really done a scene together.  I’ve sat with him while he played with toys and I’ve held him very close on the boat but, have we ever really done a scene?  We hadn’t.  So, my first day was four scenes with Jack and I was nervous because that’s a lot of eggs in the William basket.  He was equal to the task.  He was really good and continues to be really good.  He’s a really fine young man and a fine actor.”

We are definitely looking forward to seeing a different side of Oliver Queen!  Additionally, David Ramsey teased that we will get to see some new sides of Diggle and, perhaps a new modification to his ever-changing suit!

“You’ll see some role reversals in terms of him having secrets as opposed to Oliver having secrets.   Oliver will have to help him now that the relationship is shifting a little bit.  Now it’s Diggle that needs to be mentored, so to speak.

Diggle’s been a little of a Superman emotionally and even physically, and I think we have to see a broken Diggle and you will.  Even beginning in 6.01, Diggle’s dealing with something specific that’s he’s never had to deal with before.”

Wouldn’t it be great if that thing “he’s never had to deal with before,” was as simple as a new adjustment or new mod to his suit?  Ramsey did confirm that a new iteration of his suit will be shown in season 6:

“Diggle’s suit seems to be kind of ever-evolving so, there will be more modifications of the suit and the helmet specifically.”

Unfortunately, fans know that things are never quite that simple in the Arrow-verse but all will be revealed when Arrow returns with an all-new season on October 12th at 9 pm on the CW.



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