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SDCC: All of the Details about Marvel Animation’s New ‘Spider-Man’ Series

Published on July 24th, 2017 | Updated on July 24th, 2017 | By FanFest

It was a lot of fun updates at the Marvel Animation Presents panel Sunday afternoon at San Diego Comic-Con. “It’s the year of Spider-Man,” said Kevin Shinick, the supervising producer of Marvel’s Spider-Man, as he joined  Cort Lane (SVP of Marvel’s Animation and Family Entertainment), Eric Radomski (SVP of Production and Creative Director, Stephen Wacker (VP of Marvel Animation), Marsha Griffin (VP of character development), Fred Tatasciore (voice of the Hulk), and Robbie Daymond (new voice of Spider-Man).

Shinick wasn’t playing favorites to his own show though, with Marvels Spider-Man: Homecoming hitting theaters earlier this month to rave reviews and frenzied fans and the loud applause every time Peter Parker appeared on screen during the Infinity War trailer,  it’s very clear that the Spider-Man resurgence is upon us.

Marvel Animations newest addition titled Marvel’s Spider-Man is set to premiere on August 19 on Disney XD and will take a 16-year-old Peter Parker all the way back to his angsty days while attending Horizon High, which is a “science school for geniuses…It’s almost like a Hogwarts situation.”  We also learned that fan-favorite voice actor Patton Oswalt joined the project playing Peter’s Uncle Ben. Plus, we can expect Spidey to face off against Sandman and his daughter, Sandgirl.

Shinick made sure to assure the audience that finding Spider-Man’s original roots was really important to him when it came to the new series.

“One of the things I wanted to get back to the Spider-Man that I grew up with. I wanted to bring him back to being a student who loved science and showed exactly what it’s like to be a kid. We wanted to take an authentic look at what it’s like to be a 16-year-old.”

“It takes it back to the origins,” VP of Character Development, Marsha Griffin said. “We wanted to bring that story back to the forefront and it’s the evolution of the friendship between Peter and Harry. We’ve got a huge line up of classic and brand new villains, and it’s got a pretty unique visual style.”

Take a peek at the trailer below!


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